#1 Hair Loss MISTAKE You Can Make! (How To KEEP Your Hair)

#1 Hair Loss MISTAKE You Can Make! (How To KEEP Your Hair)


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Two out of three guys will start to lose their hair by 35 years young. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is talking about ONE THING you can do to hang on to your hair.
Biggest Mistake?
The biggest mistake you can do if you start to lose hair is to do nothing. If you want to, you can stop it! You can stop the hair loss progression. Why do men lose hair? Genetics, environmental factors, and personal issues can play a part. Alpha has bald uncles, but he still has his hair – he realizes that at some point he will experience hair loss. It’s just a matter of when.

What You Can Do!
The beautiful thing is there are two products approved by the FDA that have been proven to stop the progression of hair loss. Keeps.com is the easiest way to keep you hair with these two products. You start by filling out a survey, submitting pictures, and discuss the hair loss history. A licensed doctor reviews your submission and prescribes you a customized recommendation and plan. Your kit is a treatment for you specifically – plans start at $10 per month up to $35. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can keep your hair. You can get the 1st month of treatment for free with Alpha M. special code!

Treatment, Not Cure
You have to consistently keep going for effectiveness. It’s a treatment — not a cure. Keeps.com will help you keep your hair longer. It’s private, convenient, and affordable. The first month is on Alpha. Try it out by sending in the form with pictures and see what the doctor has to say.

Alpha is not saying that being bald is not fine and that baldness doesn’t look amazing. Dudes can look incredibly hot bald — but Alpha wants to keep his hair as long as possible. If you start losing, don’t wait! You can stop it in its tracks if you do something about it. Doing nothing, nature can wreck havoc on your head!

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  1. Rogaine and Propecia – boom! Thank me later.

  2. Its in my gene. And i am 15 and its already started.😢😢😭😭

  3. bald doods have bigger dongs belive it or not

  4. well, at least I don't have a menstrual cycle..

  5. Why, for the love of God, are you SCREAMING at the camera? Damn!!

  6. propecia and rogaine, what’s the big secret

  7. I'm gonna start looking after my self. But still, I'm afraid I'm gonna go bald. Moms side, thick and lots of hair. Dad is bald. That's already better chances than Alpha. But still what a lucky bastard. Bald family and he's got amazing hair. IN HIS 40s!!

  8. Great video sir!!! If you can please make a video on what natural remedies are best to make sure that you don’t lose your hair?

  9. I'm 16 and his guy has a better hairline than me

  10. I will not suit being bald. I'll look like an alien haha

  11. If you have to be bald you will bald. Don't waste your time and money for this.

  12. Clicked off as soon as you mentioned it was a sponsor

  13. I am already facing hairloss and i am just 18 plzz help😭😭

  14. or save up for a damn year and get a hair transplant? lolllll

  15. Don't buy from Keeps they are a scam. They will overcharge you, not send you everything you paid for, refuse to refund you as well as they censor their customers negative experiences on social media. There are cheaper options for the same products everywhere

  16. im losing my hair at the age 20

  17. Thank for the comercial(ad) by the way i didn't watch the whole thing i skipped the video nice try tho 🙂

  18. Im 13 and my hair always falls when I fix my hair

  19. I really hate how commercial this channel has become…

  20. Rogaine made my hair shed and fall out never came back. Horrible! Nioxin has helped slow down the loss and makes it look thicker but it's still going slowly. Im very nervous. I won't be able to cover it up much longer. Nothing I have found that really works. I'm 38. Started thinning at 33. Is this God's bad joke or something?

  21. fuck age 35 im 19 and losing my hair already 😐

  22. Alpha is 35 and is still at Norwood 1 or even 0 so I don't think that he'll ever go bald – thing is that his hair follicles don't react to his DHT or he has a really low DHT level nevertheless you can prevent hair loss when you care at a really young age.
    All you need to do is to keep your DHT level as low as possible – you can start with natural treatment and if this doesn't work go for finasteride but it should be your last option.

  23. Only 21 and the first in three generations. Hell yeah

  24. I've got plenty of hair but the problem it's not on my head……

  25. Fuck your thick hair, fuck your good genetics. Now I’m mad

  26. Not available to India 🇮🇳

  27. money dog what's the different

  28. If you really want to save you're hair gentlemen, look at your life situation right now! Are you stressed? Is your diet well balanced? Are you getting a decent amount of exercise? Hows your sleep? All plays a role in your hair loss but your hair is only a symptom of the entire system gone Haywire. Balance your life amd your health will thrive. Its not easy but in the end its your health after all.

  29. I’m 22 and my hair line is bad. I mean bad. It’s also thinning. When I go places with my mom they think she’s my wife. I’ve tried a lot of vitamins, DHT blockers, I massage my hair everyday I don’t know what to do

  30. i guess i watched an ad….

  31. Can i get this product in India?

  32. Shiiiiih these comments are even more confusing

  33. 24 here and i started to lose alot of hair this year..

    I must act now, since theyre still regrowing

  34. It's all genetics. Genetics. I'm a female & my hair has always been OK, but both my brothers' hair makes your hair look thin. You can't do ** about it if it's genetic, male or female. Sorry dude.

  35. Hair transplant has to be the best thing you can get. Best of luck to anyone that gets it 😉

  36. Hair loss has alot of reasons to happen such as Stress, Anxiety, Heat, Poor digestion, Not enough sleep. If you're thinning hair or losing some then try eliminating stress and anxiety and eat the food that has the vitamins and the proteins for your body and sleep alot and maybe try a lil bit harder to stay away from the sun cuz UV rays can damage your hair a lil bit and stop using chemical products like gel or wax you're just raping your hair with those products I'm not saying that doing all these is gonna stop your hair loss but it's a maybe so maybe it'll stop but definitely it'll slow down the process of hair loss. It's a maybe because in the end 80% of the men lose their hair cuz of genetics. Some people have the genes of losing hair so they'll eventually lose their hair when the time comes but some people have to genes to keep their hair which means they have less DHT in their body or their hair follicles resist the DHT from disabling the hair regrowth process and I feel like I don't make any sense right now but yeah that's how it works and losing up to 150 hair strands per day is completely normal. You're still gonna have a full head of flawless luscious hair if you're losing only a 150 hair strands or less per day but your hair will be more thinner than right now cuz its impossible to not lose a single hair per day. Everybody's gonna lose some hair in their lifetime and if you're losing hair and can't control it then go see a doctor or you can do a hair transplant or buy a wig or shave it all off and be bald cuz bald is an awesome style and it fits 95% of the men and you can even use the products that regrowth hair such as minoxidil but all of these products have some kind of side effects which even leads to cancer so it's a huge risk and the last thing you can do is embrace it

  37. Ive lost 80-90% of my density in the last year and a half and i can't take it anymore…. I'm done.

    Thank you for your work alpha.

    I just cant take it

  38. It start at 19
    Dude am 19 yo 😭😭😭😭😭

  39. I'm 21 n still losing hair

  40. Lost mine at 26. I'm 33 now. Might get a hair transplant. Or just keep it as is

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