1920’s Undercut by Daniel Alfonso – Men’s Hairstyles – Michael Pitt of Boardwalk Empire Haircut

1920’s Undercut by Daniel Alfonso – Men’s Hairstyles – Michael Pitt of Boardwalk Empire Haircut


Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Alfonso demonstrates his take on the 1920’s undercut as seen on Michael Pitt in HBO’s hit series, Boardwalk Empire.

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  1. So it’s a high fade with a 1/2 on the sides??

  2. he looks like richard harrow in boardwalk empire.. does the gel flake at some point? if not i will go ahead and try it

  3. I don't think jimmy used a hair dryer…

  4. Your hair has to be longer dude. My hair goes bellow my mouth. so 10 inches i guess. plus he has a bit more hair in the sides

  5. lol as soon as he said gel, I was out! pomade only!

  6. If only I didn't have such a bad receding hairline at 21 ):

  7. Hey man great videos, i watch as many as i can, but i was just wondering!! My hair is about long enough to pull all the way back in to a bun now, however my hair is quite curly, (actor aaron johnson from kick ass and savages curly) and i want my hair to look like his did in the film savages, but when i pull my hair all the way back it tends to get quite frizzy looking and i hate that.  little to no hairs are coming loose or falling out to i know the length isnt an issue, but i was wondering if you know maybe a product i could put in to possibly prevent the frizzy look, thanks for your time man much love!

  8. It's a must that you use glue, fiber or paste pomade as gels just separate and stay flat. Thanks MR Morales

  9. hehehe this dude is so sincere.. 

  10. I just read some comments you obviously don't know who this is

  11. this is probably the only time ill ever agree with someone named slimydick but this is NOT an instructional video at all its some fuckin loser with a bottle of hairgel and a shitass hairdryer he probably stole from the gym while he was running out of the sauna after giving HJs to all the wrinkly old men. you suck. die please. 

  12. Gayest video ever.  This is not a haircut demonstration.  This is 3 minutes of a man blow drying and loving his hair.

  13. Awful lightning ! Cool hair though !

  14. Hi please do any tom cruise hairstyle and tom cruise hair cut..

  15. smart haircut….but to maitain is a task

  16. Have had this hairstyle for a while now… don't use any type of gel. Use a pomade like Suavicito (firm hold) or the brown Layrite (strong hold). I use a good amount since my hair is pretty long on top, it needs really good hold to keep the long strands from wanting to slide to the side. I prefer Sauvecito for the better smell, it's cheaper, and it keeps my hair literally perfect all day long. Must use pomade on bone dry hair for super hold!

  17. Michael Pitt hairstyle rocks on ! 

  18. The undercut is a white mans haircut.

  19. Not sure if you reply to comments any more but if you do I was wondering what haircut to ask for, for that particular one and if you have to have long hair

  20. Can not wait until my hair is this long on top

  21. I did this hair cut when I was in highschool.

  22. you look like richard harrow from boardwak empire

  23. Daniel fix the video PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hey mister.. Can you help me? I´m 27. I started to losng my hair in last year. Faster, then I love to. I know the age can´t be stopped, but is here something you can really recommend? I mean pills really helpfull, or somekind of tratement? I always had strong hair, but last eyar they look like totally dead. Like your style. Be cool!! There´s no limit 🙂

  25. Parov Stelar – catgroove

  26. Will this type of hair style, short on the sides long on top work with thin hair? Also, you were hilarious on that daisy show.

  27. I recently got this haircut. I find that it's really hard to keep slicked back, though. My hair's quite thick and straight; length-wise the front-most part reaches just across the top of my ears. Do I need to grow it a bit longer for it to stay down, or is it more a question of more layers, and thinning? Mind you, it was layered and thinned while I got it cut.

  28. mr. fox from daisy o love?? i think so

  29. It must be that! Mine are 3 inches at max!

  30. IS the 8inches on top meaning all over or mainly at the front?

  31. Yeah I got that issue as my hair is thick and when say out in the sun, it gets real puffy! But partly my issue is I need to grow it much longer on top as it is barely an inch long lol

  32. your hair might not be long enough

  33. Great hairstyle! But how can you make the hair to stay combed back? My hair just after half an hour I styled them "rise" and show extra volume… Thanks

  34. how long does it no to get for that hairstyle?

  35. On the right guy this haircut is very sexy.

  36. Am I able to do this with my black curly hair ??????

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