2 Grecian cross-tied hairstyles for Women

2 Grecian cross-tied hairstyles for Women


Janet Stephens’ tutorial for recreating 2 ancient Greek hairstyles using period appropriate tools and techniques. Based on artifacts in the Walters Art Museum and the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, Rome.



  1. There's so many comments about one hair pin not being enough, but it really depends on your hair. When my hair is long I can twist it into a bun and, as long as I tuck the ends right, the bun will hold without a tie. And when I was younger my sister used to wear her hair up with just one pen or pencil holding it. I thought that style was common in the 90's/early 2000's, but I guess not.

  2. So often the ancient world feels distant and inaccessible, so this video is a great antidote to that! Especially with the second style which feels like it could be an ancient equiv of wearing a beanie the day before you wash your hair!

  3. Does anyone by ANY chance know if the first hairstyle has a specific name? I'm trying to do a research paper on it but every time I search "Grecian cross-tied hairstyle" it leads me back here.

  4. It's crazy, many of my ancestors were Greek, and I have always instinctively enjoyed tying my hair up in these styles without ever knowing that my Greek ancestors probably did too. I suppose habits are sometimes passed down through genes even when they're no longer actually popular style now

  5. for my art history class they used to send us to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I always wondered how these ancient people would look in real life. now I know! thank you!

  6. I could watch these lovely styles all day! Thank you for a wonderful lesson! I love the hair-wrap you made!

  7. Confused on how a single prong hair pin would work

  8. what a nice dignified look

  9. j'aime bien mais je ne suis pas sûr de pouvoir m promener dans la rue comme ça

  10. i wonder if I can pull the first one off in summer. it looks so simple and elegant. and your hair would stay out of the way.

  11. beautiful hair before and after

  12. Not many Greeks have straight hair, so if you do, find a Japanese style or something

  13. This hairstyle must been an easy way for curly girls to manage their hair. I can't imagine this working on someone with straight hair.

  14. It felt like she rushed so much. She failed to make sure the hair was properly holding before adding the ribbon and decorative wrapping. The end result was unstable in look and actual hold. Pity, looks easy enough to do but needed way more than just one pin… at least 2, but 3 would be best.

  15. i like looking at these type videos but poorly made

  16. I just found your channel. Love it!!

  17. For the second one, I got a very similar look using a rectangular cloth wrapped over the head in a classic style (laid over the head and then wrapped around the bun and tucked in) and then a ribbon pinned over the edge and wrapped around, it was also completely secure and stayed on all day with no problem.

  18. what music is this? reminds me of music i would hear in Legend of Zelda Twilight princess

  19. My long very straight hair may not do. Please show other knds of hair.

  20. That second one is gonna be my go-to on my next bad hair day. 🙂

  21. Hey my theatre is putting on a play amd i was wondering how well you think would stay in during a performance?

  22. Well, I'd have to add a lot of fake hair to my baby-fine, straight strands, but these really do look like styles that I could manage on myself! Thank you so much!

  23. Ok.The most essential step is not mentioned though. First step: Have crazily thick hair !

  24. Hello! Can you tell me: how well do these hairstyles stand up to activity? Do they slide off/fall apart easily?

  25. Hi Janet! I'm a college student currently in a course studying the history of western dress. I was wondering if you had a link to a picture the artifact (i think it is some kind of pottery vase) with the motif of the Greek woman looking in a mirror and styling her hair. I could not find it on the museum's website and it would be very helpful for the project i am working on. Thanks!

  26. can you please tell me what the dimensions are of the cloth you used? i could probably figure it out, but curious what your size was. thanks!

  27. The first hairstyle is beautiful. I'm wondering how it works on straight hair!

  28. This woman's hair is just like my mom's hair. She's Greek and Spanish so her hair is super dark and really frizzy with tight-ish curls. Sadly it became too much work for her to maintain and it made her really hot. I really wish I got her hair texture because I think it's so beautiful, but my dad is English and Welsh and Scottish and I could go on, so his hair is PIN STRAIGHT. I got the frizz from my mom, but my hair is pretty straight. My brother got the curls, so he has an afro when he lets it grow out. Lucky bastard.

  29. Wow, this is so neat! What's really interesting is that the second style's headwrap is JUST LIKE modern Sinar coverings! They use different fabrics to accentuate a multi-layer look, but the basic idea – a large piece of fabric with a long strip sewn on – is exactly the same.

  30. i LOVE THIS! and i love the ornate ribbon you sewed onto the hair wrap! i've seen this so many times in biblical art, such as the woman who gave Jesus water as he spoke to her of her sins. i can see the practical use of the wrap in every day life. i wish i could wear this when i'm gardening but people would think i've gone looney. ha! thank you for all your awesome vids janet!

  31. Can you do a tudor hairstyle for women please…

  32. The model's hair is amaaaaaazing!

  33. I would like to see a hairtourtorial
    from the 1920's !😄 I really like
    the 1920's style

  34. Thank you for all the wonderful videos and greetings from Finland. I have a question: How does one bodkin manage to hold that amount of hair steadily? To me it looks like one strong motion of the head and everything would fall down.

  35. These look like they would fall out super quickly. Are they hardier styles than they appear?

  36. Once again, very nice video!

  37. I have hair about the same length as the model, but it has absolutely no volume or texture. Would this style simply require more bodkins or would I have to let my hair dry in braids first to achieve enough volume to wrap and to give the ribbon something to hold?

  38. For me, it is the personal things like the dressing of hair that gives the biggest insight into daily life in ancient times.  Thanks so much for posting!  

  39. Hello Janet, thank you for sharing this video with us! I'm always looking for new videos from you in my feedback page. Are you planning also some japanese hairstyle?

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