3 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss | #ScienceSaturday

3 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss | #ScienceSaturday


Just rub some Magnesium on your head and you won’t go bald… okay, it’s not that simple but we wish it were!

Thomas DeLauer​ breaks down the science behind hair loss and 3 surprising ways of preventing it on the latest #ScienceSaturday

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  1. More bro science bullshit, the guys so well educated on the issue that he doesn’t even pronounce “finasteride”, the main drug available for treating baldness, correctly. All these remedies will have little to no effect, if you want a treatment go and see a doctor or read clinical studies. Don’t listen to gym bro, he’s giving poor advice.

  2. Imagine a drunk driver crashes a happy family on another car. Dht=happy family, inflamation=drunk driver.

    Dht reacts to inflamation, but inflamation is the culprit. Dht is a healthy male hormone you shouldnt try to block/decrease.

  3. Can all magnesium supplements help ?

  4. Exactly what I needed man. Thank you so much bro. I really appreciate that.

  5. What about beta sitosteral?

  6. How much magnesium I need per day?

  7. Is there any side effects of saw palmetto? I heard it can cause erectile dysfunction.


  9. Your knowledge and explanation is right on target. I hope all who listen picks up some education of why and how the hair suffers from toxic chemicals. Let Vive Naturals fix your hair loss issues. Coupon Code: spring30

  10. Vive Naturals reverts DHT back to testosterone and has both the onion and garlic, rosemary plus Saw Palmetto, plus 7 herbs blended together to detox, replenish, restore your hair from the root. Vitamins and nutrients to stop your hair loss and give you a healthy and strong hair follicles. This will give you the results your looking for to stop your hair loss naturally. @t​ Coupon code: SPRING30 = 30% off

  11. Ok, so I have tried this hair loss approach for over 6 months now and I am still losing my hair just as fast. I keep hearing from other youtube videos that DHT is not the problem. It was worth trying but I didn't find any success with it. Anyone else find any success with any method? I am currently trying stinging nettle as well but that hasn't been effective either. Finally I am trying green leafy vegetables daily.

  12. if keto increases testosterone, wont that also increase DHT?

  13. Only Finasteride, or even better Dutasteride works against genetic hair loss.

  14. What kind of magnesium supplement exactly? citrate or sulphate?

  15. Apart from these, you must get enough sleep, stay away from chemical products, detox your body, customized diet ( more veggies and fruit, less meat ) clean water, yoga and meditation, be around with good people, celibacy, prayers, gratitude, say completely no to bad habits & stress management plays huge role.

  16. Then why doesnt it affect beard hair or other hair?

  17. Ok so a few medical doctors have said high estrogen causes hair loss. Is this true?

  18. So what can we do besides magnesium to lower calcium in hair follicles? No diary?

  19. What do u know side effect from saw palmetto

  20. Hey jigsaw all the men in my family don’t have receding hairlines or baldness they all have strong good hair thick black why is my hair falling a lot I can see my scalp in the sun and shower???

  21. Next do how do I get a body like yours

  22. Don't listen to this roid head.

  23. Too much hair brush on the hair also causes it..so reduce the amount of brush you use on the hair..my own was like as I continuously use the brush it makes my hair to fall and am getting bald

  24. Started doing Keto + OMAD Fasting, & My hair sheds every single day. I have 100’s of Hair follicles falling out. And my hair is getting thin and brittle. 🤷🏻‍♂️ How to fix?

  25. Thought he was gonna tell us to eat or rub bacon on the head.

  26. Good video but there is a missing component to hair loss that doesn't include DHT. Might just be genetics.. or maybe something else. There is a cure for baldness that pharmaceutical companies have, but there's no money in the cure; the money comes from repeat monthly customers.

  27. Can you ship to Kuwait ? If yes how much custom fees I will have to pay?

  28. Should I be taking saw palmetto extract or saw palmetto berries? I bought the GNC brand saw palmetto berries 540mg. Is that correct?

  29. ! the science is bullshit, onion juice is the one, every herbal remedy is from the far east , dht and your explanation is of no value , explain hereditary then

  30. You mention Magnesum Malate specifically for this… what's the best way in taking this mineral? Magesum drops? pill form?

  31. How come the human body seems to have everything it needs for hair growth until we get to a certain age? lol
    Then we have to start paying for what was free before xD

  32. How about magnesium chloride? Is it usefull with hairfall?

  33. I’ve started taking these 3 supplements, but how many milligrams of each one?

  34. What form of magnesium to rub on the scalp? Is there magnesium powder?

  35. What is the most affective type of magnessium supplement to take?

  36. People with low DHT still can go bald and hair can thin,
    But some studies show that leaky gut can cause baldness and high estrogen

  37. I tried all this for 10 years, and now have a bald head

  38. What strength of saw Palmetto, pygeum and magnesium do you recommend please?

  39. Just take his special creatine and protein powder. All natty

  40. But you didn't tell us how to remove dht that is already in the hair scalp so plz make a video on this sir…

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