30 Foods That Block DHT and Help Stop Hair Loss

30 Foods That Block DHT and Help Stop Hair Loss


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Foods that block dht can play a vital role in regrowing hair that has been lost due excessive dht levels. So I’ll just go over some natural dht blocker foods that you may want to consume to help you stop your hair loss and regrow what you’ve already lost.

There are three main types of dht blockers found in food that I’m going to focus on in this video: foods that are high in zinc, biotin or phytosterols. Let me just go over what those three things are. Zinc is an important mineral in our diets that increases that activity of about 100 different enzymes in our bodies and helps our cells develop and grow correctly. Biotin is also known as Vitamin H and vitamin B7. It’s often used for brittle nails and hair loss. And phytosterols is an umbrella term for over 200 different plant steroids and they have many functions including reducing cholesterol and fighting cancer cells.

Since many of these foods can belong to more than one of these categories, I’m just going to make it easy by sorting them by food types. This isn’t an exhaustive list but they are some of the most effective foods that block dht.

Meats and Seafood

Fruits and Vegetables

Seeds & Plant Oils, Nuts, and Legumes (Pumpkin seeds are my favorite natural dht blocker!)


Disclaimer: The information contained in this video and its description is not intended to be medical advice. All materials contained in this video including any descriptions, text, or images are simply my personal opinion and should not be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your doctor before taking any oral or topical prescription or nonprescription medicine, vitamins, supplements, or any other type of treatment, natural or otherwise, that may be mentioned here. Certain foods, herbs, supplements, vitamins and treatments may have undesired side effects and/or may have negative interactions with each other and/or any prescription or non-prescription medicines you might be taking.



  1. phytosterols can cause erectile dysfunction

  2. Can anyone believe that my white beard turned black again. I am 31 years old. I noticed that one beard at my chin area turned white few months ago. I was worried about it but suddenly it disappeared and I luckily don't have the white hair now.

  3. only get organic soy..i use rosemary and peppermint essential oils mixed with an oil that i have on hand..

  4. People still think eating fats from plants and even animals is bad for them?? People are so silly.

  5. Do you have recipes that include these herbs (nettle, pygeum, saw palmetto, ect.)?

  6. Hi HairLossInfo, I hope you are good. How do you use pumpkin oil?

  7. You have pharmaceutical saw palmetto and lower too much your DHT cause a lot of side effects.

  8. Great app version for the new update but it has been a good way for the app to be able for my new levels

  9. 0:23 "can regrow lost hair which are lost" waaaat really is it possible,if it is man doctors are really evil they said to "impossible " to regrow lost hair and prescription are more evil

  10. Great general presentation and explanation with research to clarify . Thanks!

  11. nothing is helping sadly..

  12. Does Green Tea help block dht

  13. How often should eat some of those things on that list?

  14. I noticed reduce shedding when using green tea

  15. You should not recommend SOY to men, that is a penis killer!! Research it!

  16. I have eaten all those for years, a lot, and still had steady hair loss. Maybe it slowed it down but I don't think you can regrow hair with even lots of these foods and little or no beef. I don't buy it.

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