4 Men’s Hairstyles for Curly or Wavy Hair | How to Style Your Hair

4 Men’s Hairstyles for Curly or Wavy Hair | How to Style Your Hair


4 Men’s Hairstyles for Curly or Wavy Hair | How to Style Your Hair

Carl Thompson – Men’s Style & Lifestyle

If you are like me and have struggled for years wondering what to do and how to style your thick curly or wavy hair, then this video is exactly what you’ll need.

After years of keeping my hair short, so that the curl would be controlled – I have learnt to embrace the curl and style my hair in ways that does just that.

So in this video I’ve styled my hair in 4 different hairstyles and given my top tips to show you have to style your hair.

In all looks, I’m using TONI&GUY products which can all be found here:

Hairstyle 1:
The Curly Look

Hairstyle 2:
The Slick Pompadour

Hairstyle 3:
The Side Parting

Hairstyle 4:
The Messy Look

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  1. Idk wtf is that on ur head lmao

  2. I get afro hair if I let it grow im white and my hair is light brown and it gets so dry and thick if I dont use any products. I've kept it short for a long time. I bought a cheap trimmer once and my hair broke it and laughed at me..
    I use the Red Dax when I go to the beach because it dosent wash of easely and I dont loook like a clown when my hair gets dry in the sun.

  3. Would like to learn more about the beauty tips. Go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". You will get wide range of new tips to increase your beauty.

  4. What do u tell the barber on the sides?

  5. You are quite similar to Slade Wilson with wavy hair

  6. You donate lifelong hairstyles products

  7. Second one is awesome. I feel I'll never be able to achieve that 🙄

  8. The only guy that have my exact hair type on youtube

  9. Hola , tus seguidores de España queremos saber el nombre de los productos que usas en el vídeo. Gracias

  10. Omg! I love the hair where can I find the product?

  11. what kind of haircut did you get ?

  12. Nice to see somebody with hair like mine who actually shows how to style your OWN hair by yourself. Most of these vids show somebody else doing it and I'm like …wtf how do I do it on myself? lol

  13. Proper hair products = Desired look (Y) Nice going mate!

  14. Cool ,One question,where I can get this brush ?

  15. Theres is the 5th .. Flattop haircut

  16. Cool video mate!
    My hair is not that curly but I to the same/similar hairstyles as well ^-^
    Keep it up!

  17. 2nd Hairstyle looks dope.

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