5 BIGGEST Hair Turn Offs According to GIRLS | Mens Hairstyles | BluMaan 2017

5 BIGGEST Hair Turn Offs According to GIRLS | Mens Hairstyles | BluMaan 2017


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– I’ve asked around. These are the 5 BIGGEST hair turnoffs according to girls.
– How to achieve MASSIVE Hair Volume: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lQWSHcJ4JQ

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Alright guys, today I’m talking you through the 5 biggest hair turnoffs according to girls! That’s right, I’m here to solve all those issues you may not even know about to make you more attractive to girls!
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  1. Hey guys, I've always loved the transparency I get from everyone watching. Thanks for all the feedback. I've seen some people commenting saying "what about the fact that H&S uses sulfates"?

    My stance on sulfates can be found if you watch my "are hair products bad for you" video. Sulfates are super effective at cleaning the hair but it is true that prolonged use can lead to dry hair for some users. H&S has been my go to DANDRUFF shampoo for many years.. okay, dandruff being the key word 😉

    Thanks everyone for voicing your opinion and asking questions!

  2. -So, A Recap:

    1. Dandruff

    2. Greasy Hair

    3. No Effort Hairstyle

    4. Overdosing On Products

    5. Trying To Rock A Cut That Doesn’t Suit You

  3. Good to know somebody washes their hair in the sink 😂

  4. Knowing what doesn't suit you is a bit tricky though because its subjective. I have short hair and I pull off a faux hawk pretty well. How do I know if I look like I'm trying be something I'm not?

  5. The 1.1k dislikers have hair like this

  6. I go for a no effort look but I put effort into my hair lol

  7. do you advice Buzzcuts BluMaan?

  8. head and shoulder really works!!!it worked for me..😊😊you r right dude..🙂

  9. Pin this or I’ll stop using Blumaan products !1!1!!1!1

    I’m joking I’d never do that lol 😂😂!1!!1

  10. Best advice, dont give a fling fuck and go your own way

  11. F*%^ I’ve gone through all of these. And plus I use hairspray and if u try to run your hand through (u really can’t) it dosent fell “well”. Is that fine or not. If not can u guys give me tips of how to deal with that or is it ok.

  12. When u gay so u don't give a shit

  13. Clay is a little bit better for making not noticeable, but it is still there.

  14. I always hate it when someone recommends a product by a sponsor.
    You never know if its something he would really use, and downgrades a video.

  15. Every hairstyle is someone's style the difference is how you achieve that style you're going for

  16. 2:44 No one would want to touch your hair if you were to add all that hair gel and hair spray either lmao

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