5 Hair Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

5 Hair Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner


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What tips do you wish you knew sooner?

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  1. Hey Luca so I was just wondering how exactly do you fit in oiling your hair daily with also using dry shampoo? Do you use the oil before blowdrying and then the dry shampoo after blow drying? Also wouldn’t the dry shampoo sort of cancel out the effects of the oil?

  2. No homo this dude fine as hell

    Its a joke

  3. What if your hair is super straight and fine? If I don’t wash my hair with shampoo it gets super greasy every morning

  4. This is my routine rn, condition on Monday Friday, shampoo on Wednesday, use dry shampoo other days. Lmk if that’s too much

  5. He sound like Brett macerick

  6. how can i deal with humidity ?
    it makes my hair super frizzy

  7. Where can I buy those earrings

  8. One Problem… There is no hairstyle that wont make me look weird 🙄😂

  9. You forgot one important tip :
    Have good genes

  10. What oil should i use???

  11. im balding why am i watching this

  12. Which hair oil do u use?

  13. Amazing channel mate..cheers.

  14. 1:31 Please shave your underarms 😒

  15. Is it okay to not shampoo your hair even if u used a styling product that day? Cause i pretty much use hair styling products almost everyday. Schooling, working and hang outs.

  16. I love your hair 💖💫🥰💫💖
    Nice hairline

  17. What kind of haircut do you have in this video

  18. Kfc makes me feel good

  19. Hair oil used here is still the one from we are paradoxx? The container looks different haha

  20. This guy needs a taper real bad talking bout hair tips lmao

  21. If you actually knew what you know now before then you’d probably know a lot more than you know right now and then you’d be wishing that you knew what you’d probably know before then you’d probably be like a hairstyling god or something

  22. Bro make a video on thick hair. I am fed up with my thick hair

  23. Yes show us your diet pleeeeeeassseeee

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