6 Miracle Ingredients for Fast Hair Growth | Stop Hair Loss | Thick Hair | Sneha S

6 Miracle Ingredients for Fast Hair Growth | Stop Hair Loss | Thick Hair | Sneha S


Miracle Ingredients for Fast Hair Growth / Stop Hair Loss / Thick Hair

In this video, I have shared 6 miracle natural ingredients and how to use them for thick, healthy and fast hair growth and to prevent hair loss and hair thinning.

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  1. Which shampoo can i use?
    Because you always mentioning “shampoo followed by hair conditioner “
    Better explain that too !

    Thank you

  2. Gonna Try the avocado Hair Mask

  3. You've a great voice dear 💖💖💖💖 much love.

  4. The way she says oil is so annoyin

  5. Ur voice is so attrative 😘😘👌👌

  6. Can we use avacado oil instead of avacado paste

  7. Which color in your hair

  8. Thank u sneha …..can u suggest me how to increase the volume of hair as i suffered from scalp psoriasis so i lost lot of hair and volume decreased …..so plzz plzz help me

  9. Most of d bottles of castor oil..it writtn dat it can b eatn too…so is dere s ne diffrnce betwn..castor oil for hair applcatn..n castor oil whch cn b consumed?or bth r same?

  10. Can i use dabur castor oil..pls reply..

  11. can u please tell me which pure herbal mehni is good to apply for begginers .

  12. Should I do theses procedure one behind each other or I can use one of theses ingredient n wash it out?? I want to know!

  13. useful and less expensive.I will try these remedies

  14. I am thinking to use it I hope it works

  15. God, I hate hearing Indians speak.

  16. Can u use coconut or castor instead of Oliver oil

  17. can we just mix all of this ingredients

  18. thanks for the wonderful video

  19. Hey hi i have very long hair what can use home remedies to get black hair becs i have little brown shiny hair . Pls tell some natural home remedies to get thick black hair

  20. I have been using Argan life products for 6 months. This is definitely a repeat buy.

  21. where can i order the der mo biotin shampoo

  22. i have little blank portion on my head due to hair fall.so,tell me out of six methods you told can any one method cause growth hair on the blank portion????

  23. My partner and I are both suffering from thinning hair. Men can deal with thinning hair, but as a woman, I did not want to look hairless in my early 40’s – ever for that matter. Well, thank goodness I could quit searching! I found great results from using this hair guide “mawa shocking plan” (Google it)..

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