7 Hair Styling Tools That Every Woman Needs For Perfect Hair Ft. Kavya D'Souza | Nykaa

7 Hair Styling Tools That Every Woman Needs For Perfect Hair Ft. Kavya D'Souza | Nykaa


Perfect and healthy looking hair is every girl’s dream! But who has the time to make expensive trips to the salon for every single occasion? In this video, Fashion blogger Kavya D’souza brings to you our favourite hair styling tools, that are one time investments but re sure to bring out the best in you. Be it a salon like blow dry, straight hair or voluminous curls, these tools deliver nothing but the best!
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Shop The Products:
1. BaByliss D322WE Expert Hair Dryer – White – http://bit.ly/2x42aGa
2. Dafni Go Straightening Ceramic Brush – http://bit.ly/2oXtOQS
3. Syska HS6810 Hair Straightener – http://bit.ly/2QoA7Jx
4. BaByliss C325E Medium Hair Curler – http://bit.ly/2xccgVN
5. Havells HC4031 Chopstick Hair Curler – http://bit.ly/2COzx5n
6. HairPro 1040 Crimp Hair Crimpler – http://bit.ly/2MpIBgB
7. BaByliss C1300E Ionic Curl Secret – http://bit.ly/2CKD5pe

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  1. Price of any one product is equal to all my hair tools combined.🤷

  2. VEGA VHCH-03 smooth curl with 19 mm curler is better in my personal opinion. its also cheaper and i find it very easy to use

  3. Dafni is really expensive… Can u suggest something else as a substitute

  4. She is bff of Krystle d'souza

  5. I ordered 2products today ! Prepaid for it ! And still the delivery is not confirmed !!! This is the first time I had such a bad experience with nykaa !!! You guys should look for the problems .

  6. Mahesh pardesi

    Mahesh pardesi

  7. Mahesh pardesi

    Mahesh pardesi

  8. Omg clurs look soo gorgeous 😍

  9. hii hw abt remington stariaghtner

  10. Just came to see this video cz I have the same top she's wearing so … Lol

  11. Make a video showing the correct product serum or any such thing that prevents frizz and instantly makes hair dry frizzy hsur silky straight

  12. you really explained each and every product very well!

  13. On this video u deserve million of views and subscribers

  14. Every product is from baby bliss.. Useless video

  15. Is dafni brush worth buy? I have simply straight brush it's not use ful on my wavy hair

  16. Thank you for these amazing suggestions

  17. Something good!! I like the effortless curler.. the last tool!!

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