80% Of Hair Care Products For Black Women Cause Infertility, Cancer & Autism

80% Of Hair Care Products For Black Women Cause Infertility, Cancer & Autism


In this video, Cynthia G discusses how the white owned hair care industry markets hair products to black women that contains cancer, autism, obesity and diabetes causing chemicals.

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  2. Caucasians are trying to do population control. But it is not working, God is killing them off in suicides, abortions, overdosing, and their water as well. Everything they do against his children. He is now turning it on them 020219.

  3. They are still saying that 13% of the population. How is that possible? They said that in 1980. And how is it that Black people aren't smart enough, to know they outnumber the Red man.

  4. Use natural products made by black women for Black Women. (22nd Century Natural products.) She is a black woman passionate about our hair. She even has a YouTube channel teaching us how to take care of Our hair naturally. She is an awesome Sista, once you watch her videos you will love her. Once you try her products, you won't be disappointed, especially her hand made shampoo bar. It's unbelievable amazing. I no longer buy anything else. I'll post this for my Sistas.


    ⬆️check it out for yourself, don't take my word. Im confident my sistas will love it, and Her.

  5. Stop supporting White major brands. I'm a Black Woman and I specifically sat down with manufacturers to create safe, non-toxic hair products with natural ingredients. My products work. I have been using them for many years. I also created a revolutionary Wig Sanitizer to sanitize, clean and refresh wigs, hair extensions and even your scalp. Visit http://www.ahosibeauty.com.

  6. There is an agenda to just depopulate …..and its depopulate the native americans and the black americans !!!

  7. This is why you make your own. Or support black own businesses such as Natty Naturals. You can make your own stuff. Take black seed oil day and night too.

  8. I'm ready and braced up to get cussed out. I've always used Infusium for years and ONLY the leave in conditioner. Have used Mane and Tail also.

  9. Thank you for that info!

  10. Social norms or white standards?

  11. I know the products are hazardous esp relaxers and should def not be used (they know this too so idk why they are acting shocked and concerned), but I'm just suspicious. So…. They claim these products cause black women to suffer from infertility, supposedly black women abort black babies at a high rate, supposedly black men are killing each other through black on black crime at an alarming rate…….but our birthrate is in the positive while Caucasians are in the negative? I don't understand…… The toxic products are cheap, but the good ones are expensive. Who owns most of the safe products? Shea moisture is a big one they just had to have!

  12. Black hair products have tested positive for Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals. Miss Cynthia G please see my video https://youtu.be/q_wYODe0Dr8

  13. Black hair problems contain lethal ingredients! Endocrine Disrupters are present in black hair products Miss Cynthia G please see my video

  14. Yes they have been tested positive for endocrine disruptive chemicals. Please see my video recently published by the Silent Spring Institute. We must self educate and elevate our knowledge and vibrations.

  15. Talking like a crakkka, acting like a crakkka, and now dying in order to look like a crakkka….JUST TO BE TREATED LIKE A NIGGA….

  16. 100% pure essential oils are not cheap and any package containing 6 oils for $12.99 is no doubt fake.

  17. I'm on the go pretty much all the time and even though it sounds great to make your own natural hair and skin products such as stated by many in the comments ….I simply dont have the time to do that I basically check out natural hair products online mostly from http://www.Trufflebuttas.com because they carry a large selection of natural products and they show the ingredients. It works for me and my hair and skin is pretty healthy!

  18. Relaxers are not causing fibroids and reproductive problems….

    Fucking dirty black men unprotected is….

  19. I make my own hair and skin products. My friend and my students often travel the world and bring back natural products from Africa. My friend just returned from Africa last month and brought back lots of natural products.

  20. Oh Lord, didnt know this…..last handful of months I have been looking into more natural alternatives because my interest got piqued when I had an allergic reaction to a lip balm. Jees, I better get hot

  21. If you’re looking for natural beauty products in the Atlanta/Stone Mountain area please visit Kaneset Kare LLC, it’s a black owned business that specializes in hygiene products for the low. I bought an African black soap shampoo there for $6.

  22. I think we need to be careful with blaming everything on white supremacy. If you believe in God, then know that we have an adversary that is against us, and he will use anyone White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, whomever to destroy us. The adversary seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. I am tired of hearing about us against them. The war is against Satan not whites.

  23. TRUE PREACH. Is there a website where i can order black hair oil or grease

  24. Shea moisture has good products they r natural many of the companies u mentioned use chemicals too

  25. Really it s scary may God help me with my channel ( natural skin and hair remedies) i really want to own my hair and skin company. I like natural ingredients

  26. Wow. I'm glad my natural locs need nothing but oil and water. More black women should consider locs.

  27. Almond is great for hair growth. Coconut oil if you make the oil can be good for your hair.

  28. Great insight. We need more black owned hair and body care lines that are natural. Successful black people need to get into more of these kind of naturalistic ventures to promote and enrichen their communities. Some of these natural products and oils are really expensive so people go for the cheaper readily available options.
    Also, what also needs to be looked into is care lines that promote their products as natural but are really not 100% natural. Lying to their consumers. And it makes it hard for consumers to know since you may need tests carried out.

  29. Eden Body Works is Awesome!!!!!! One collection in the line smells like coconut.

  30. Thank you for talking about it sis.

  31. pork not hair shampoo blacks eat bacon…. because they're Christian

  32. So my friend who relaxes her hair has been having menstrual cramps for about two weeks or a week or so. Do you guys think the chemicals in relaxer are causing her problems?

  33. EXCELLENT VIDEO MS G! Shared a British interview video on the subj. to fam/friends yesterday who confirmed most of these dangerous products come from America.

  34. Watch The Science Experiment to Terminate Blacks on YouTube

  35. That is ok…I don't use ANY hair care products from stores. I wash and condition with natural resources . I know I can't do 100% natural all the time, but I certainly try . Just like that hair gel..edge control. Im a natural sister and will remain that way.

  36. This is why I've been sticking to buying my hair and skin products from black owned companies and etsy shops. Their ingredients are 10x better than your everyday commercial products aimed towards us like Cantu, Dark and Lovely, or As I Am.

  37. Thanks for the great info Cyn. I’ve been making my on skin and hair products for years. Fatty alcohols such as cetyl, stearyl and cetearyl are non irritating, so it’s okay to use (if you can’t find products without them) because they do not dry out the hair or skin.

  38. When are the melinated gonna realize that there is a WAR against the chosen? When? Everything is in your face. Everything is done on PURPOSE. Everything. They wanna keep you distracted. Better wake because time is up.The pathology behind "why" Any third grader can aswer that. Because America told you that you were not good enough, Attractive enough, skinny enough. blah, blah, blah,. America told you your hair was too nappy. THAT'S WHY. Futhermore, what good is this report if it's not specifically naming these said products? I dont need to sit here listening to you read.

  39. Thx for sharing. FYI: be careful when purchasing your essential oils, be sure it’s from reputable companies. I know for a fact that Rose essential oil alone isn’t cheap because the process in which they get it. The best place to get essential oil is at your local health food store if possible.

  40. Great video thanks for your information

  41. this is bullshit…..how in the hell can something that you put in your hair has anything to do with weigh …… when they do a study about wigs I can understand

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