Baby Shower – SNL

Baby Shower – SNL


A mom-to-be (Brie Larson) learns about “the cut,” the haircut that all moms (Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Sasheer Zamata, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones) eventually get. [Season 41, 2016]


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  1. Captain Marvel in an alternate universe be like?

  2. They forgot about the minion memes

  3. In my house there is an ocean upstairs and a surplus of gift bags in the laundry room.


  5. i just realized my mother has that bag and she hasn't been to a baby shower in six years.

  6. Also known as The I Want To See The Manager Cut

  7. I demand to speak to your manager

  8. I don't think her husband ever had sex with her, or ever will. Milo was spot on.

  9. My mom genuinely didn't know she was pregnant until 7 months in

  10. The girls on the right don't even look at the girl in the pink it makes me uncomfortable

  11. Brie Larson 2016: I’ll never be like you! I’ll never have a chunky highlight!
    Brie Larson 2019: has “let me speak to the manager” cut

  12. "The scared dinosaur from Jurassic Park!"

  13. Os this the Karen haircut?

  14. It's funny because it's true.

  15. SNL drinking game. Take a shot every time Leslie stumbles on a line.

  16. i hate how the other actors/actresses stare at the script off stage when somebody else is reading. It's so obvious.

  17. July 14 that’s my birthday

  18. I want a chunky highlight!

  19. I have soap in the shape of a dick.

  20. I work at a Marshals Homegoods and I clan confirm that 95% of the people that come in look just like this

  21. Please tell me ehy MadTV is over and SNL is still here?

    The only thing that made me laugh was 7 bags in the whole county.

  22. This is what happened to Carol during the 5 year gap in Avengers Endgame

  23. How did she get a hair cut that fast

  24. My aunt has the whole “farm kitchen” and “ocean bathroom” and she’s not even a mother!

  25. Moms aren't the only ones. I got "The Cut." But not my hair. And I was a baby.

  26. The karen ritual

    This how all karens are born

  27. Hey im a mom ive been thinking of the cut ive always had long hair and i just thought hey i dnt have time for taking care of my hair so let me cut it short

  28. Lol @ a pig in a chef's hat . I have one in my kitchen! My mom has decorated our house stereotypically the same way mentioned by the ladies

  29. oh this must have taken place during the years after the snap explains a lot

  30. Ok after seeing this I think I'm kind of glad I went the route of crazy cat lady in training. You remain in training until you have more than 2 cats.

  31. Karen Danvers 😆😆😆😆

  32. Hell no! I aint never been that type of mama! Maybe when im older.

  33. I’ve watched this skit 50 times and never realized it was Brie

  34. My birthday is on July 14!!

  35. that explains why captain marvel's hair is short in endgame now.

  36. Omg carol literally got the cut in endgame

  37. Love how they are all rocking that Karen haircut.

  38. Isnt this what happened to her in endgame with that new haircut

  39. There are only 7 bags in the county lmao

  40. Leslie Jones is terrible why is she still on SNL?

  41. Only part of this phenomenon that happened to me is saving gift bags.
    It's cheap. I spend the money I save on better hair care products, so I can avoid "the cut".😂
    Oh dang.
    My bathroom IS an ocean.
    <screams in fear> 😱

  42. I didnt even know that was Beie Larson

  43. Is it bad that I have this haircut and I'm only 17 😅

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