Bay Leaves For Hair Fall || Stop Hair Fall In 7 Days

Bay Leaves For Hair Fall || Stop Hair Fall In 7 Days


Hair fall problem? Looking for a treatment that works without the side-effects of chemicals? I will give you a simple solution using bay leaves to fight hair fall. You should try these natural home remedy to stop hair fall. You can stop hair fall in 7 days by following this routine.

Take 1 litre of water in a bowl and 10 to 12 bay leaves. Hit the water. Add bay leaves when the water starts boiling. Boil it for 5 to 7 minutes until the color of water changes. Let the water cool down. Then take out those bay leaves. Now use this water on hair after shampooing. Just towel your hair dry after using it. Continue using it for at least seven days to get desired result.

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  1. I've tried it.. it's really works.. thank you Didi.. 😊
    eta ki 7din er besi use Kora jbe na?

  2. Accha ata ki conditioner hisabe babohar kra jabe?

  3. hi can we reuse the same leaves next day or should we throw away the leaves after one use itself?
    plz reply soon

  4. protidin e ki shampoo kre use krte hbe??

  5. Ek aur zaroori baat poochni thi sister , please batah na . Yeh karneke baad raatko kya oil laga sakte hain? Koi problem toh nahi hogi?

  6. আচ্ছা এই ও জল টা কি আমি রাতে শোয়ার আগে চুলের স্প্রে করে চুল শুকিয়ে নিয়ে শুতে পারি?? আর সপ্তাহে তিন দিন শ্যাম্পু করে নেব।

  7. Ye hair me lagake Keya dhup me ja sakte he?kitne time ke lie rakhna he?or shampoo se clean karna he ya nehi?plz reply…….me wait karrahihu use karneke lie….

  8. sampoo kora chhara ata lagano jabe ki?
    R eta laganor por chul shukiye gele ki pani diye ba shampoo diye dhuile ki shomossa hobe?
    raat a chule apply korlm a shokal e pani ba shampoo diye dhuye fellam..
    Ans pls

  9. Tumi toh bolle…shampoor por lagate… shampoo korar por bheje chulei lagabo or chul sukiye jawr por…plzz bolo

  10. aap hair par lagakar dikhao

  11. Thank you Didi for this tips. it really works. Eta 7 din ek tana korar por.. abar koto din pore start kora jabe? ar tejpata use kore hair thick korar kono remedy ache ki? thakle kindly janaben. Keep up the good work.. take care

  12. Eta ki natun hair gojate help korbe?

  13. amar chul jhorche ki kora jai

  14. Straighting hair a ki use kora jabe ata????

  15. apu ami to ai muhurthe mathai kolar pack lagiyechi…to ami shampu kre then ai tejparar rosh use krte prbo?? kono khoti hbe pack er por krle?

  16. I'll definitely try it.. 😀

  17. Didi Ekta prosno chilo..
    oi Ek liter water ta ki rekhe rekhe 7din use krbo? nki j din use krbo se din notun kre Jol ta ready krbo jdi ektu bolo..
    r pr pr 7din use Krte hbe ki?? nki Ek din du din ontor ontor??
    plz help me.. 😊

  18. Please translate in English all you said so we can get the instructions and you also have a bigger viewing and listening audience

  19. amar50%hair utha haha. aita use korla ke kaj hobs. ar ata ke 7day's ar besi use korta parbo

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