Bearded Women & Pubic Hair Wigs (Hairy Women Documentary) | Only Human

Bearded Women & Pubic Hair Wigs (Hairy Women Documentary) | Only Human


Brave it or Shave it – the dilemma faced by many women. Body hair is a funny thing – we meet women who’ll do anything to be rid of it, men who will stop at nothing for a glimpse of it and people who make a living ripping the stuff off in clumps.

This programme looks at male and female attitudes to body hair and explores how recent celebrity revelations are leading to a new trend among women for the Brazilian and for the really brave, Hollywood waxes.

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  1. Ever get to a point where you cease to be amazed, I’m beyond that

  2. Honestly I don’t like body hair, but if somebody wants to be hairy, so be it. I don’t care. I do it for myself, I love smooth legs, and I like being bare.

  3. Coming from a female myself i hate that some females say shit like "guys are trash and horrible monsters" just because a group of guys said something to hurt your feelings doesn't mean you need to go off at the whole gender, fucking grow up and be mature.

  4. The "model turned actress".. I'm more concerned with her chest bones and the fact that she puts her vag out on display. 🤔 also.. I've never seen a wax done where the astecitian makes them pull their panties up in their privates like that, lol TF?

  5. I honestly am not attracted to body hair, on both men and women. I think it just looks gross.

  6. I’m virtually hairless. Shave underarms rarely, never legs. Head hair is thick and healthy. I’m the opposite oddity.

  7. There's a Gillette advert in here somewhere.

  8. Peter is a fucking creep, and an asshole!!!!!!

  9. I haven't shaved my armpits in about 8 years and I'm not any dirtier/smellier than I was before, when I was shaving. So that lady who is having all her hair lasered off and said it's disgusting and smelly is WRONG. I don't smell and my armpits are hairy

  10. Soo, it’s unhygienic for women to have body hair but it’s okay for men to? Oh and that one part when the guy says that he was bothered by the whiskers on the girl that he kissed, how do you think that most women feel?

  11. I hate when Hair does that I hate mouth Hair….
    I rather DIY it blonde

  12. Coochie wigs then what bootyhole extensions?

  13. I feel bad I mean how many times have she walked into a place and she walks in and the worker said hello SIR

  14. Christ, that guy trawling the beaches and streets looking for women like he's shopping for clothes is disgusting. Doesn't seem like a catch, himself. Too shallow. What a pig.

  15. the guy in Italy, who likes hirsute dark haired women needs to go to Quebec and meet all of my French Canadian relatives, lol, and my sisters and I, we are half French Canadian and half Scottish and my sisters and I have freaking dark pelts! lol. 🤣😂🤣 we are all happily married also❤

  16. Puberty is not attractive? 🤨

  17. At 13 my hair grew in. In high school I had more hair than most guys. It was horrible. I shaved the pits and legs. Plucked my uni brow and lip. Had hair on my nipples. My arms I left hairy. I had pubic hair sprouting out of underwear. Jeez. School mates were not nice. Gave me a real complex.

  18. Vicky looks older than 28. Jesus.

  19. Men have no right to comment about women's body hair. Half of them don't even wash their balls. Don't talk to me about hair.

  20. This segment is a tad annoying with it's sexist angle of: ".. Men for/against Women's Body Hair, plus! 'Hairy Women' .."

    Edit: Those bro guys were so cringey.

    "Lol Girl Hair? EWWW lol!"

  21. I wonder how many fish and crabs get stuck in that wax when they pull it off. How can the beauticians stand the god awful stench when they wax those womens' snatches? You know it's got to be disgusting. You can practically smell it through the screen.

  22. LOOK ON 2:48 at the panties from the women whos laying there

  23. Worried about hair….. What about your teeth?? What about dental hygiene?

  24. I think since I have thin hair my body hair doesn’t grow in too thick it’s just barley there but for me guys with facial hair is disgusting

  25. Just wasted my time watching half of this stupid doc. Who cares what about who? How judgmental people can be

  26. Men can have body hair but women can't

  27. I'm lucky I don't grow hair under my arm or on my legs don't know why but not complaining lol

  28. Peter needs to stick with the one he came with. Jenny is such a nice, articulate, well put together and respectable woman. It must be awful for her to be taken on a trip and told that if he finds a hairy wildebeest of a woman he will leave her and go off with the other woman. He needs to understand that beauty fades but dumb is forever. If the only thing that causes you to like a person is their physical appearance there will come a time when that appearance changes. You may have a proclivity for a certain look but you can't be so steadfast in that one attribute that you forsake all other aspects of the person. There is a reason this guy is still single. Get a clue honey!

  29. The guys who are into hair are total pervs. Ughh it was so gross just listening to them talking about how they came to fetishize hair, especially the old man. The younger one was just as bad though. Literally walked around Italy for a week womanizing, meanwhile he had someone who actually wanted to be with him. He wasn't looking for someone to be in love with, just someone to fulfill his sexual desires.

  30. men and/or society have "made" me wax/shave my pubes off for years and because of it i have scars from ingrown hairs (i did all the right things like exfoliate etc) and that turns men off, too. you can't win 😑

  31. I have THICK hair on my legs but really I don't give a crap what others think of me cuz I like my leg hair

  32. Natural is beautiful, stupid self-imposed tortures are not.

  33. why the heck is this not age restricted

  34. I love how happy collette is with herself ♥️

  35. Different strokes-for different folks…

  36. that very last line is EVERYTHING

  37. Colette is so brave! I have had so many negative comments about my facial and body hair as well since I was a small child. I would never have thought anything of it as a first grade child but for the fact of being teased and bullied for my mustache or dark arm hair. If I didn't pluck each hair out I would have a beard just like colette. I'm proud of her being able to accept herself. I just can't bear the criticism and looks

  38. Peter, Peter, why don't you just admit you really want to shag a man?

  39. Five or six thousand pounds to get rid of hair. Should have had braces!

  40. Why did she have smoke coming out her nose and mouth

  41. Do people not realize how time consuming wax, shaving and tweezing is?? Some people, regardless of gender, have little time when it comes to that sorta stuff…

  42. Tell the man that seeks a hairy woman to check out the bloggers who have a hair-movement. There he will find a hairy girl for sure. And even a hairy girl that is proud of it!

    Also personally, I think what is naturally on the body shouldn`t be taken away/shaved. I find women with a lot of hair just as attractive as those who has less hair. At the end of the day, it`s their body. Their choise. It irritates me that media is putting pressure on both genders that it is only one right way to look. This is making the majority population unhappy with their looks. Wich is really unhealthy. So just stop it will you? Truth is, we are all different. And difference is sexy.

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