Before & After: Chris Hemsworth Haircut | Mens Summer Makeover | Men’s Haircut 2014

Before & After: Chris Hemsworth Haircut | Mens Summer Makeover | Men’s Haircut 2014

31 – For this makeover, Rolfs’ stylists transformed Tom with a fresh modelesque spring style. Tom has been growing his long locks out for over three years to donate to children’s charity, Locks of Love. Tom was looking for a fashion forward look to separate him from his twin brother so stylists highlighted and cut his hair, keeping some length on the top, in order to create a fantastic look inspired by Chris Hemsworth.

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  1. Good looking dude, but they FUCKED up his hair so bad.

  2. That new hairstyle is going to be a pain in the ass until it grows out some. Getting the top to stay put is lots of gel, no wind, lots of adjustments.

  3. Before and after…both dire.

  4. Amazing looks Great :Of course the Pompous OLD HAIRDESSER would say that.

  5. Why waste the 3 or 4 inches of hair that's going to be cut off anyway? Why not get closer to scalp with the first cut?

  6. Oh my god the haircut is awful

  7. I would of told them to to just buzz it to give more hair to the cancer people

  8. Am I the only one who thinks it looked better long

  9. handsome dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. its still a bit of an awkward length :/…


  12. Has to "secure" the hair. Lol.

  13. I want that customers Instagram link plz??

  14. I founded Alpha M's brother!! Lol

  15. tbh,none of those haircut fit with your face,get a better haircut that suit your head and face

  16. I wonder how long his hair is now?!!

  17. I don't understand why he left so much hair behind when he initially cut the ponytail.

  18. Long hairstyle is much better !

  19. that particular cut do him no justice.

  20. He grew that in 3 years?!?! I wish my hair grew like that.

  21. when the black man talk I'm like whaaaat the FUCK I thought he was manly shit

    and I hate his haircut it's not good in his face

  22. why do hairstylists always have horrible hair or they're bald… makes no sense

  23. it's crazy what a haircut can do to you inside. best feeling when i was little. i became whoever i wanted.

  24. I like how the barber had that girl just hold the top of his hair like she was some human hair clip

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