Best barber in the world 2017 U.S.A } Grooming Page Ep.45

Best barber in the world 2017 U.S.A } Grooming Page Ep.45


Best barber in the world 2017 U.S.A } Grooming Page Ep.45

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  1. Jumping down like water

  2. The first kid hair style might've been cool in 4th grade lmao but trust me having that in high school you bouta get flamed hard

  3. 2:46 he wearin his headset too much

  4. best white people barber

  5. 1st nigga had a minecraft head

  6. Can anybody help and tell me what the dude first hairstyle was in the beginning of the video?

  7. In England Turkish barbers only know one haircut, fucked my hair up once

  8. First guy literally looks like Roberto Firmino

  9. That first one was so beautiful 😍

  10. Where did you get your skills????

  11. first one looks like itsoktocry’s hair but without the one dread he has

  12. 1:16
    Guy: Have you ever seen a cartoon about a pink Dinosaurs?
    Barber: Say no more

  13. As someone who recently shaved his head, full on razor blade, due to thinning hair and a receding hairline, 5:15 kills me. I once had great hair. Then I got old. Fuck it, I now rock the no clip look after finding maintenance a bit much on a shaven head.

  14. Oi if da 1st one is in England some1 allow dm me or reply to this comment

  15. 3.40 what haircut is it? Can someone please tell me? Thanks

  16. so whatchu need
    Ever played Minecraft for 7 years straight?
    Say no more

  17. I like that one part where they cut his hair! It's really cool!

  18. Thumbnail jacksepticeye

  19. The song is basically that one friend who only has one song and plays it on repeat😂😂

  20. What i want most for christmas is to get the top of my hair like the first video but just a diffrent color…. I want white instead

  21. this is why suicide rates are high.

  22. Video: makes the best hair style

    Reality: me: I want a comb over. Barber: ok

    Makes you bald 👨‍🦲

  23. They look all like anime characters

  24. self estime is everything guys

  25. The guy at 3:34 got infinitely worse

  26. Lo malo es que te dejan mucha frente

  27. “Hey Barber give me the punchable look”. Barber-“I gotchu” –1:50

  28. The legendary super saiyan

  29. 0:54 his hair looks like the plant behind him tho it still look pretty sick

  30. Why is this so satisfying to watch?

  31. Me: yo can I get a 1 on the back and side faded and a bit of the top

    These guys: ay yo barber lemme get that razor 180 on the edges of my hairline and the 0.5 fade horizontal from my neck then lemme get that 1 zoning into a 4 with a distance line through the parting of my hair 0.75 cm from the edge; then dye my hair translucent red hot pink With a tint of pearlescent gold then lemme get a neat hairline with extra gel and then put some more gel and wax on the top. Then when ur done spin me around and touch my hair for like 45 minutes cutting bits of hair which make no difference then lemme get that 728 sharp 0.1 knife to neaten up the sides then whip that 61828 brush and swipe cross the scalp then fixen up my trim yeah. – oh yeah and don’t forget to neaten up my beard using ur new 7.58 magnitude earthquake scissors but make sure you use the 1112 razor to get that extra b1 shine.

  32. Ben 5,57 dolara kestiriyom bundan güzel kesiyo (11 Aralık kuru)

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