Best haircut ideas for men in 2016!!

Best haircut ideas for men in 2016!!


Howdy awesome people

After a long waited year and many questions about my hair style, and how to groom and keep the beard

I finally had the chance to show you all how my favorite barber and i work together

Hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe and comment with your though !

Much love


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  1. So we're all just gonna ignore how thicc that girl was?

  2. Tell me how much that costs?

  3. bro como se llama ese corte ??

  4. A mi el pinche corte me valio madres, yo solo le miraba las nalgas a la barbera

  5. sos crack, de a poco estoy tratando de dejarme el corte americano que tenes porque tenia otro estilo que era tipo cresta y largo… vas a tener mucho exito en youtube segui asi que vas a de 10. Abrazo desde Argentina.

  6. what did you cute on the side of your head .. 1 and 4 ?

  7. hey man, i love ur work! try to come up with more vids on how to style your hair, its awesome! keep uploading more videos

  8. Podrías, al final de cada corte, detener un segundo la Imagen del resultado final por cada lado, asi perfiles, al frente y desde atrás para ver como queda. Mis respetos pa tu pelo. Saludos!

  9. I can give him better haircut more then this 😎😎

  10. منو يعرف اسم هذا الممثل

  11. To much off the sides

  12. best haircut vedio on youtube

  13. Whata Fuck, why do you hate your hair?

  14. Whata Fuck, why do you hate your hair?

  15. What product do you use to style your hair?

  16. Que hermosura esa negra!!

  17. Now, ready for the gay bar.

  18. WTF…..she is illuminati member……..she have a icon on her arm

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