Best way to prevent Hair Loss & Stimulating Hair Growth | QR678 Injection Treatment

Best way to prevent Hair Loss & Stimulating Hair Growth | QR678 Injection Treatment


The QR 678 Hair Treatment for hair regrowth, for prevention of hair loss & to stop hair fall. The QR 678 Injections are the latest Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness, Alopecia, Baldness Cure and Female Hair Loss. The QR 678 injections are the result of the latest research & advances in hair growth & are better & More Advanced than hair transplant surgery, Stem Cell therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP) for hair growth. Hair loss & hair fall is impacting job opportunities, relationships, mental well-being and self confidence.

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What exactly is a hair growth factor?

A growth factor is a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation and cellular differentiation. Usually it is a protein which is present locally and causes growth of that particular tissue. Hair Growth factors are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes & act by binding to specific receptors on the surface of their target cells.

How did the Qr 678 Hair growth factor get invented?

The QR 678 hair loss treatment is the result of the latest, most advanced research in hair fall treatment.

Stage I:

The concept originated from a chance observation on mice models for treatment of a severe form of eye cancer called Retinoblastoma. This research was being conducted in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (2006), to develop a new drug delivery system for Eye cancer. A few days after the injections were given around the eyes of each mouse, Dr. Debraj Shome observed that the hair around the mouse’s eye started disappearing due to local contact with the drug. This led him to speculate that there must be some local factors which are essential for hair growth and which were being affected by the cancer drug.

Stage II:

The next step was to identify by a process of scientific research the most likely ones of the growth factor proteins present in the scalp skin, which could cause growth. By a process of scientific exclusion, we identified a total of six growth factors which could potentially play a role in hair growth.

Stage III:

We then prepared these six growth factor molecules artificially, outside the human body, by genetic engineering in the laboratory. These molecules were then synthesized in five different compositions and proportions, and it was decided to inject the solution into the scalp with the intention to deliver the molecules directly to the hair roots, without having to cross the skin barrier. This entire process took one and a half years.

Stage IV:

A pilot trial was then conducted with five volunteer patients in each of the five groups (n = 25), with early to moderate hair loss, being subjected to the injections. The results were the best consistently in one particular group of human volunteers.

Stage V:

The findings of the pilot trial needed to be validated. A randomized clinical trial was set up comparing this new molecule in different concentrations and at different treatment frequencies with a placebo injection, in 750 patients. More than 80% hair growth was seen in about 6 months for more than 90% patients who tried this injection therapy. Results in some cases are even better than hair transplant surgery. This clinical trial involved 100 patients and spanned more than a year. This trial was double-blinded and finally unequivocally proved the efficacy of this cocktail of five growth factors in causing hair growth! This hair growth composition was named ‘The QR678’.

The QR 678 Hair Growth Factors are the result of the latest advances in hair growth research. Invented & first used in a multicentric clinical trial in India, the QR 678 injections provide hair growth in all forms of alopecia & baldness. Stem cells give rise to growth factors and since the QR 678 composition itself consists of growth factors, which selectively cause hair growth, the QR 678 is much more advanced than even stem cell therapy for hair or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair treatment injection for hair growth.

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The QR 678 Hair Growth Factor Treatment

Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the world and is currently based in Mumbai, India. He has received super-specialty training in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery, hair transplant surgery & the latest advances in non-surgical hair rejuvenation. Dr. Debraj Shome led the clinical research team which resulted in the invention of the QR 678 growth factors.

Dr. Debraj Shome is a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon for many Bollywood & Hollywood celebrities. For consultations with Dr. Debraj Shome, please write in to or call +91-9004671379.


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