Biotin For Faster Hair Growth And Hair Loss Prevention

Biotin For Faster Hair Growth And Hair Loss Prevention


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Biotin For Faster Hair Growth And Hair Loss Prevention

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Hello, this is Daniel from

Anything in the vitamin B family can help a great deal, if you are trying to stop hair loss by using a more natural approach, and among the different B vitamins, the most important for the health of our hair is the Vitamin B7, commonly called Biotin.

Biotin is an overlooked Vitamin B for energy, healthy hair, skin and nails.

The reason why Biotin is so important for our hair is because it helps to regulate the functions of the sebaceous glands, and plays a fundamental role in the synthesis of keratin, the main protein component of the hair.

Biotin is found in several foods such as carrots, liver, yeast and bananas, and it is essential for the synthesis, not only of keratin, but also of fatty acids, glucose and some important amino acids such.

It helps to regulate the biochemical process by which cells metabolize nutrients, and is known to help control blood sugar levels.

In fact, if you do not get enough biotin, you can also eventually lose your eyelashes, eyebrows, and your hair.

Biotin levels are reduced in athletes, elderly, those who follow a poor diet and pregnant and nursing mothers, who have lower levels of biotin due to increased demand for the vitamin in the body.

Also people with metabolic disorders such as alcoholics are known to have lower levels of biotin than the general population.

Symptoms of deficiency include hair loss, decreased appetite, dermatitis, red rashes and scaly skin of the face and genitals.

The facts that its deficiency can contribute to cause hair loss and that its supplementation improves hair health, are enough evidence to support the use of this vitamin as a hair loss remedy.

That alone should be reason enough to be certain you get enough Biotin in your diet.

Whether through diet or supplements, you need to keep your levels of this vitamin in your body high enough.

Biotin is a crucial component to skin cells, and you should keep in mind that healthy skin cells play a major role in the health of hair follicles as well.

Getting the proper nutrition is crucial to proper hair growth to allow the conversion of protein into hair shafts.

Biotin helps with this, and is necessary for metabolism of fats and cell growth.

By improving the health of your hair follicles with the proper intake of Biotin, you can promote fast hair regrowth.

Besides the ones already mentioned, the other main natural sources of Biotin are cauliflower, whole grains, soybeans, black-eyed peas – no sorry, this is the band ah ah, I meant these black eyed peas, mushrooms, sardines, nut butter, swiss chard, cooked eggs and raw egg yolks.

But remember, hair loss may decrease with the proper intake of Biotin, but if the amount of DHT (the male hormone enemy of our hair) is excessive on your scalp, then you should definitely use our Full Program to stop hair loss to deactivate naturally the effects of this hormone in your hair.

Besides, if the micro blood circulation to your hair follicles, is poor, it is almost useless that you increase your intake of Biotin and other vitamins, as they will not be able to reach the hair follicles.

Biotin hair growth 3 months…this is what you could achieve with this supplement.

An intesting video that I recommend you to watch is “Grow Your Hair with Biotin” By Michael Peak. That will give you more data about this b vitamin.

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OK, thank you for your time, and please comment below telling me how you will increase your intake of Biotin, through diet or supplements, to improve the health of your hair.

Biotin is really good for hair loss prevention, remember!

Let me know! Thank you for your time!


  1. Get your hair loss treatment here ►►►

  2. me and the wife have tried biotin with no sign of improvement sorry just saying

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  6. Hello i need your hepl im 25yrs. Old and i have more hairloss ..and take 10000mcg of biotin is this good at age ..or i need to reduce the number og mcg

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  8. Is it available in Bangladesh,Dhaka??

  9. Sir ye capsule hai ya oil hai

  10. Can i use the Liquid Biotin instead of the pill form?

  11. Dear,
    Can this medicine be eaten without the doctor's right? And what are the harmful aspects of this medicine? How much mcg will eat, and how long?

  12. Where can i get it in Kenya

  13. Dear i want to ask you if i stop taking biotin pills will my hair fall again ?? I have to take biotin all my life or just for a short period

  14. Im currently taking medication for crohns disease, one of the side effects is hair loss, which im currently suffering from. Its falling out badly. I have spent hundreds on hair treatments to help regrow it back but i need something like this to actualy help stop it from falling out in the first place. Do u think this could help?

  15. Great app version for the new levels of this app and it is very good for me to shop for the new update thanks for it thanks You I have to be able for more things to be done

  16. When I took biotin the 10,000 msg it did work very well to grow my hair, but it made me break out. So I switched to 1,000 msg.

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