Black Tea Rinse for Natural Hair | Hair Thinning | Stop Hair Loss #NaturalHair

Black Tea Rinse for Natural Hair | Hair Thinning | Stop Hair Loss #NaturalHair


Black Tea Rinse has helped me reduce shedding, add shine, and create softness in my natural hair.
This rinse has really changed my hair’s health, this is why it took me a while to put out the video. I wanted to test for several months before I share with you all. I have tested since June 6th. I do this rinse whenever I do a moisturizing deep conditioner. I don’t do it if I do a protein treatment.
Black Tea has a pH of 6.0
Read more about how I use it in my Wash Day Dairy on my Blog:

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen hormone formed when testosterone interacts with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. It is also the hormone responsible for androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss, on account of how it causes follicular miniaturization.

DHT has the ability to shrink hair follicles. This causes healthy hair’s life cycle to be shortened. When you use ingredients that have DHT blockers in them like Black Tea and Coffee which contains caffeine, it has the ability to block the damaging effect of DHT.
My full wash day routine with Black Tea Rinse and Rice Water Rinse:

How to do Coffee Rinses:
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  1. I LOVE THAT CONDITIONER. So hard to find it now in the UK.

  2. I agree, my hair has stop shedding.

  3. Is it okay to use the black tea to saturate my hair inst of water before I apply the naturalicious Moroccan Rhassoul 5-1 Clay treatment

  4. Sola
    When you use the Black Tea Rinse with the Deep Conditioner can you follow with the Green Tea as the Leave-In?

  5. Beautiful woman. Love your hair ❤️

  6. What brand black tea bag did u use?

  7. Is it possible if I can just leave it in my hair like a spray leave in ???

  8. Which one is stronger Coffee or black tea?? Did it reduce ur hairfall??

  9. I hope the black tea work but if I don't have the air conditioned can I use shampoo

  10. And if you don't have the condition

  11. Can I use Vaseline as conditioner

  12. Hi I have grey hair will the tea stain my hair?

  13. How often are you suppose to do the rinse?

  14. Thank you so much for this video . I would use a rinse out conditioner with my coffee rinse . I am going to try this way my next wash day 👍🏿

  15. Beautiful Woman, beauty
    Thank You for the tips.
    Love and Peace 👄
    Be Blessed 🌷

  16. Thank you for sharing. My natural hair sheds.I will try this method.After you applied the black tea did you rinse it out?Then applied the deep conditioner?

  17. Wow this is the same exact method I use on my wash days! I even use the same deep conditioner lol the only difference is that I use green tea and add 5 tea bags to the water.

  18. WOW love the vid will try this too

  19. How many wash days of doing this before seeing results? I used green tea applied to scalp & hair after shampooing (always pprepoo. I add a conditioner in top of tea to finger detangle, rinse, and DC. After doing this 3 wash days, same amount of shredding/breakage on my 3rd wash day.

  20. can you use black tea in your leave-taking conditioner?

  21. Can you rinse after Deep conditioning????

  22. Black tea contains a lot of caffeine and too much caffeine can actually stunt hair growth. But what do you guys think

  23. I love your video!! can use the black tea every time I have to wash my hair?

  24. It doesn't state what kind if black tea?

  25. I mentioned in one of my videos that when my scalp is dirty, my follicles weaken and releases my strands, thus my hair sheds a lot when my scalp is not clean. Someone commented and said that I should try the black tea rinse. I searched and found your video… Of course… 😊. We're you experiencing the same thing?

  26. Definitely going to try this on my next wash day! :))

  27. Can u use black tea to Mack your hair darker.

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