Boys Haircut Tutorial | How to Cut Your Kids Hair | Cutting The Hair On Top

Boys Haircut Tutorial | How to Cut Your Kids Hair | Cutting The Hair On Top


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  1. Could you have used blending scissors with teeth to diminish lines as well? Nice cut. 😉

  2. Great tutorial- thanks for sharing! My littles thank you.

  3. Can you do a tutorial with a similar haircut on curly hair? Or like a Mohawk style on curly hair? Thanks! Great video!

  4. muy bien el corte my mame is cesi

  5. Very nice hair cut and helpful tutorial, thank you

  6. This was so well explained and broken down. Thank you for these educational and informative videos! I've been attempting to cut my son's hair for about a year now and I usually end up just buzzing his beautiful ginger hair. He has such a hard time at the salon (he has autism). So far, he's been OK with me doing it at home. I would love to see the comb-over cut in a video, please.

  7. The stupid barbers always mess up my hair I want that hair cut

  8. Nice haircut, as a hairdresser you should comb the hair more than once when cutting it helps get all the hairs together but you do nice haircuts

  9. I get my girl to do my sides between cuts. I need to learn the basics of tidying the top. The Side of the top that hangs over i want to learn.

  10. Excellent cut bro, kid looks totally sharp. He’s gonna be beating off the girls at the playground. 😉lol! Peace ✌🏻

  11. You seem to be a beginner too, and it's very nice of u teaching out this while developing.

  12. What up beginnercutz! Really love all the videos and hard work you put in. I’m a basement barber in Mississauga and your YouTube channel is so helpful. I only started cutting hair just about 7 months ago, and watching you use the techniques of other YouTube barbers really help a lot. Appreciate the videos brother keep it up 💈

  13. Hi beginnercut how much time have u been in as barber ?? I'm new subscriber thanks for ur videos it's helping me a lot thanx man .

  14. Your amazing thank you so much I got the job and my first interview where I had to cut hair right away lol it was a boy and watching your videos truly helped beyond you can imagine please keep them coming I love this video too I never would of thought cutting this way awesome 👏❤️

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