Brad Pitt Fury Hairstyle | Mens Slicked Back Undercut | Popular Mens Hairstyles

Brad Pitt Fury Hairstyle | Mens Slicked Back Undercut | Popular Mens Hairstyles



Carter Supply Company is back with another hairstyle featuring Al Kemystyk (@alkemystyk). This video the second part of this series with Al, and was inspired by Brad Pitt’s Undercut in the movie Fury. This is a great, low maintenance hairstyle, with bangs slicked back, and his sides and back faded.

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►Original Barbershop | 174 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009
►MUA: Gil Aldrin

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  1. Cut off your head hahahahahahhahqhqhahhaahh

  2. At the start it was a good hairstyle, at the end a total shit

  3. Y’all don’t believe in a fade ?

  4. The girl in the back was shaking her head at 1:55

  5. if your forehead looks like this guys' you should never slick your hair backwards instead you should quiff it at the front trust me

  6. what clippers are being used and how long is his hair on top?

  7. Se parece a uno de las SS

  8. Is it just me or does he have the facial structure of a Neanderthal?

  9. Expectation: Brad Pitt. Reality: Butthead

  10. You should give that dude more volume on the front and hair in the back is way too long, shorten it up just above the occipital bone would be great.

  11. My hair split in between when I do this kind of hairstyle any suggestions

  12. what the fuck is that headshape

  13. Dude looks like Basil in the Great Mouse Detective lol

  14. that guy looks like a 80s porn star

  15. That forehead is narly dude.

  16. why is everyone in the comments so mean lol

  17. it don't even have that fury hairstyle look

  18. LMAO this Neanderthal looks like shit!

  19. holy shit that is one unattractive man

  20. plus he stares all creepy ..with his fivehead and that hair cut is to much .. dent head

  21. that wasn't a good style for that guy

  22. Why does this man look like a Neanderthal?

  23. 1:52 Girl in the background shakes her head at that ugly shit😂😴

  24. I got approximately 2 inches of hair, will this haircut work for me?

  25. can ya do Dwayne Johnson hairstyle next next plz

  26. Haircut is A1, but..this mans deep ski slope forehead lol, I don't think its too flattering with that style of cut 😂😂

  27. Would prefer a taper fade with it

  28. my hair stays to swollen like has too much volume doesnt stay bonded to the head..plz tell me what to do

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