Classic Haircut Tutorial | Business Hairstyle

Classic Haircut Tutorial | Business Hairstyle


Mens classic hair – Antonio from Real Men Real Style visited us active the classic men’s hair business look.

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Sides & Backhead: 0-6 mm
Top: 60-65 mm
Top front: 65 mm
Top back: 45 mm






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  1. I mean it looks great. But I think Antonio should have done the plunge and gone with the medium/low skin fade. That makes the cut ever more proper and stylish. Well, a style like the great Barber who cut his hair, really .

  2. Whats the name of this haircut?? Anyone?

  3. Great interview, while getting a haircut!

  4. Wow Antonio gets a new look.
    You're awesome.

  5. actual hairstyling starts at 9:36

  6. What kind of hairstyle is that?

  7. It's my first time watching Antonio w/o his suit…
    …and perhaps dress shoes too.

  8. It's amazing how a haircut can enhance or even almost change a man's facial symmetry for the better.

  9. slikhair tv be like never intive this guy ever again

  10. Honestly I can't see two videos without seeing fucking Postmates in this shity ass fucking gay ass at stop advertising fucking Postmates I'm talking time over it like that shit

  11. Damn you look way better in that style of haircut also in your videos don't try to look so perfect so rigid loosen up wonderful video

  12. Bro I love this looser style of shot and the important scene zoomed in maybe try that in your new videos love the filter on this video dope

  13. Just get to know how to present the products you are using a little bit better

  14. lol i didn’t realize how short he was

  15. Man… i really like the hairstyle 🤓🤓

  16. That's a very nice haircut and a very good barber.👍

  17. In 2019 I'm just going to stick to one Haircut style as my brand.

  18. You need to get this hairstyle back, you just need to bulk up a bit more and your rocking this hairstyle. One of the best cuts of you have had so far.

  19. where do i click to like 10 thousand of times?? hahahaha very professional

  20. Antonio likes to get that creamy goo in his head ..

  21. I don’t think Antonio asked enough questions in this video. Maybe a follow up vid is needed.

  22. The danish barber had a natural asmr voice goin

  23. Very cool look Miguel. Fresh classic and still business like.

  24. i think the style looks like Markiplier

  25. Awesome!
    Antonio looks 10 years younger and fresh

  26. just watching the head massage made me feel so relaxed..

  27. lol im going to the barber when my sides are 2mm haha

  28. What a load of bullshit!!!

  29. Lol!! Here, let’s give you that classic Nazi look.

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