Classy Quiff Hairstyle 2017 | Tutorial

Classy Quiff Hairstyle 2017 | Tutorial


In this video i tell you how to style a CLASSY QUIFF with a strand.

Steps to achieve the classy quiff:
1) Make sure to have a clear difference in length between the top and sides of head.
2) Make sure your hair gradually decreases in length as you go from the fringe to the crown section.
3) Quiff hairstyles look best with 5-6 inches of length.
4) Lock your quiff and strand with hair products. I recommend hair spray.


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  1. Bhai kitne din lagenge itne lamba balon ke liye.??

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  3. тоже такую хочу)

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  5. What is the name of the badass 💁‍♀️

  6. What is the background music

  7. What is the size of your temple ??? Please tell me bro

  8. U are awesome i love ur hair. love u bro

  9. Bhai dil khush kar diya yr

  10. What is your length top and side?

  11. Whats the ñame of the song?

  12. U doesn't look cool but i like da hairstyle

  13. What type of hairspray is that

  14. Wow normally I don't really fuck with like undercuts but this looks really fucking good

  15. SO FUCKING HOTTT❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Amazing tutorial, this really looks good on you😘😘 God! You did pretty amazing work in this video👑

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