Classy side parted Pompadour | Classic men's hairstyles | GentleHair

Classy side parted Pompadour | Classic men's hairstyles | GentleHair


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Classic men’s hairstyle Pompadour with side part styling. I used water based pomade. Oild based pomades are optimum for this hairstyle.

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GentleHair is community of people who are interested in men’s styling. This project is actually about developing your style by yourself. It includes hairstyling, cutting your own hair, fashion trends and style in general. We are very active on all social media. We have a lot of content in video format.

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  1. Love the tutorial! Keep up the good work!

  2. +GentleHair, can you make a video on how to do the modern version of the pompadour? 🙂

  3. Keep it up with this great job !
    Great hairstyle 🙂

  4. Thanks for tutorial.I think messy better than classic.

  5. Bl laukiu kol mano plaukai užaugs ilgesni, nes dabar trumpesni bšk tai nelabai kas gaunas ir nežinau kaip daryt šukuosena. Gal ką pasiūlisi ? 🙂

  6. Very very nice and informative video bro! Definitely gonna try this one out! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  7. Can you do a video on the equipment you use and recommend for cutting your own hair??

  8. arba keista skoni turiu ar ka. bet tie visokie slideback ar kaip pavadint su ultra huge shine yra slykstu ;/// nu bent man bet anyway galetum kurt daugiau tutorialu kur butu matte finish.. perzejau tavo daug video radau gal 2 video kurie tikrai amazing be visokiu high shine ir pan.. nes dabar tavo paskutiniai video is dalies labai panasus principas.. kaip ir nieko tokio naujo ar pan,aisku suprantu dydelis respect uz darba ir pan, bet mazdaug tas pats 🙂 o seip viskas kitas puiku,mldc 🙂

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