Cleanest Kids Haircut TRANSFORMATION!!!

Cleanest Kids Haircut TRANSFORMATION!!!


Andis Cordless outliner

Topic hair fiber

Wahl cordless magic clip

Andis gtx.

wahl shaver

Andis shaver

Oster fast feed

oster ceramic blade

Ring light

wahl cordless detailer

camera Sony a7r

camera lens

oster octane

wahl premium guards

andis magnetic guards

wahl retro t cut

wahl hero.

Johnny b gel

spray bottle

carbon flattop comb

modified gtx blade.

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  1. I subscribe to your channel💯💪🏽these videos really help me out 🙏🏽 #sergeeblendz only15 keep doing the videos!

  2. Cleanest taper i have ever seen

  3. Love this. He looks terrific.

  4. Damn that is a Fly cut!!!! that transformation was phenomenal!!!!A1 Man

  5. Do you have more than one fading technique?

  6. That I think it was the 3 guard,it I was wondering how u was going to bring it all together 👍👍👍👍 great job.

  7. That's a hairy ass mexican

  8. Hey yo Jorge, why do you never use the Wahl detailer?

  9. you are the greatestt barber i never seen

  10. Dadine elek cuk… Aslii ra payu ndk kampungku

  11. Always use the #1guard to start the first layer…you are balding too high even with the arm up on the wahls…

  12. That’s awesome keep up the good work

  13. He went from "Slum Dog Millionaire" to "A Million to Juan"

  14. This kid has a hairy forehead

  15. Is this hairspray shit another myth like the cutting of the t ouliners lol. I see everyone spraying before a line up and feel like its just a trend

  16. Lado izquierdo falto pulir mas…..

  17. What’s the difference between the wahl and andis shaver?

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