Close to Bald Female HairCut

Close to Bald Female HairCut


Barberette clipper action

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  1. I like this one, but would have been cool to see you doing it!…….

  2. i love when women wear their hair bald or almost bald. it's so liberating

  3. a wet shave would suit her even more

  4. You should keep your hair like that; it looks splendid and it allows your lovely brown complexion and face to take center stage.

  5. she looks good like that

  6. she looks great with short or shaved head

  7. hi you are so beautiful with a very nice smile.every two weeks hedshave?woaw!!!!!

  8. Wonderful video!  She looks very beautiful with her new look.  I like how the stylists there are really into giving people very short haircuts.

  9. Making customers bald is their specialty.  How can I schedule an appt? I esp. like how the brunet barer makes the head shine. I love the barber's smile as she takes pride in her work.

  10. She is gorgeous…! I noticed she has her cut very two weeks. the bald look suis her perfectly ! I like to see her smooth head shining with the daylight !

  11. Hi. I live in Staines. How do I get involved in one of your videos please? I have sat as a hair model before. Thanks

  12. Yes, you are right.  Your head, and you, are quite beautiful.

  13. She's absolutely beautiful with or without hair but I really love the bald look. Well done to the hairdresser who understood the need to take so much trouble

  14. Nice to  see questions asked  Dom  thats quite good

  15. good video 🙂
    whars your next plan?

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