Comb Over Low Fade | Haircut Tutorial | Men’s Hairstyles

Comb Over Low Fade | Haircut Tutorial | Men’s Hairstyles



  1. A good barber would do a haircut like this in 10-20 min and do it right. It took this guy 40 min and it looks like crap lol.

  2. A lot of people like talking shit like they'll do better lmao people these days always hating on someone else success

  3. I am watching this high af. And it feels like his cut takes 2 decades.

  4. He changed clippers and shavers more than I change my underwear in a week

  5. He entered looking decent. He left looking like an idiot.

  6. seriously i wasted my 40 min BC

  7. Love it doing this on my husband tonight just wish you could list everything you use done here in the description box and a link to buy it.

  8. I liked the fact that there was no irritating music and you actually heard the clippers that's how all tutorials should be….. so great job on that

  9. How to fuck up a haircut 101

  10. White people can't cut hair they can't do anything all the do is corrupt

  11. Dude looks depressed, he knew his shit was getting fucked up!..

  12. Omg this dude can't even spell.. It's USING.. Not USEING

  13. Lmfaooooo fucked up his hair

  14. da fuck an hour haircut that still looks fucked up

  15. I'd Never Let You Cut My Hair ! Looks Like Fucking Shit, && Its Crooked .

  16. does open blade cut hair shorter than a grade 1

  17. Dude you just fucked It up .. Horrible

  18. Why don't u put the number instead I wasn't sure what blaze you were using

  19. What sizes did u use ima het this haircut for the first time

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