Common Hair Loss Issues, Treatments, and Solutions

Common Hair Loss Issues, Treatments, and Solutions


Dr. Oz brings together a dynamic group of hair experts to investigate hair loss issues and potential solutions. Guest Janet opens up about the emotional impact of her hair loss, and Nikki Walton, aka ‘Curly Nikki,’ offers a tip for drying your hair.

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  1. I'll try it its very simple

  2. My God mother told me. When she's. Working out. & Her hair. Starts to Sweat it hels with her. Hair grows is. That. True

  3. Has anyone tried laser helmet for hair growth?

  4. She looks similar to rachel bilson

  5. The bad hairloss is hair receiding + curly hair

  6. Drink lots of (clean water ) you will see the results 😊

  7. The best treatment, no oils, and its works – Amberlotion serum

  8. The best treatment, no oils, and its works @t

  9. If you can't eat the ingredients in your products then don't allow it on your skin or hair. Here is the brand that I have personally seen the representative put a small amount of the shampoo on his finger and literally put it in his mouth. "no problem" he explained. Just check there ingredients; coupon code: thanku15

  10. Either way you loose hair on a daily basis .
    Keep it simple…..brush every other day shampoo and conditioner only every 4 days air dry your hair over blow dryer. Style with an oil base product when using heat hair tools

  11. My father was suffering from Baldness from the past 10-20 years. I told him about Planet Ayurveda, my father visited her, met Dr. Chauhan and started using Haircare pack. This remedy has shown great results, still using it.

  12. Dont forget to use a shower filter to protect hair loss

  13. I wonder if the sauna causes hair damaged I go into the sauna after a good workout and it's extremely hot

  14. I have a product that helps me to stop hair fall and grow new hair, I'm very pleased with that you can use it —

  15. Blow dry when 80% dry, protein, sea salt. Got it

  16. Nikki always gives some amazing advice! Love her ❣

  17. I answered yes to all of those questions

  18. Oinion juice or oil is ALL you need make sure you JUICE CARROTS and drink it with plenty of water. It will make your hair grow 5 times faster than biotin. So, rinse hair with onion juice, and drink homade carrot juice.

  19. If you have serious HAIR LOSS and are tired of the OLD and FAILED ideas…I urge you to go to to learn about a totally NEW proven science which for the FIRST time in history explains the truth about the HAIR LOSS syndrome and how to treat it using NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

    This NEW theory and science explains that all the OLD systems have FAILED because they FOCUS only on DHT . It identifies the true MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS and says DHT is only a « secondary » factor which becomes bad for your hair ONLY when the MAIN cause is not FIRST corrected. It is EASY to understand and very, very simple to use.

    Do not waste any more time or money on the OLD ideas which have all FAILED. This NEW method is so logical that it is the big « BUZZ » on all the world’s HAIR LOSS forums. There are already more than 24,000 people on this method all over the world with a success rate of over 95% . It is a ONE time cost and the LEAST EXPENSIVE system available. More importantly, everyone using it says it REALLY WORKS

  20. She's so pretty and knowledgeable !!!

  21. what are the foods name she mentioned in this video?

  22. I use no heat (literally maybe two to three times in a year) and I don't brush my hair because it's wavy curly and it still falls out like crazy!

  23. Where’s her natural hair? 😂

  24. I’m 14 and I have really bad hair loss right now. I admit that u used heat almost everyday because I hated my frizzines on my hair. I wanted to stop so I did by getting a hair cut in JUNE. I haven’t put on any heat on it since. Only once this Sunday. Someone please help

  25. Hair loss is inevitable with age. But in my 20's I was about to go bald and used many hair tonics & the likes, but my quantity of hair kept thinning. I watched you-tube and got the remedy from Planet Ayurveda and some diet tips that I followed strictly and Hair Care Pack. A miracle happened, it absolutely regrew my strong & bouncy hair. Thanks! For free health consultation: +91 – 8427864030 ​ ​​ ​​

  26. Are you sure Dr. Oz doesn't have any hair replacement system going on?!

  27. I am 25 years old and is a patient of hair loss. I took treatment from planet ayurveda. There is a significant reduction in my hair fall with the intake of capsules within 3 months. Planet Ayurveda offers hair care pack which is very effective for the treatment of hair loss.

  28. Hello mam and I'm very worried for my hair lost and hair grow thing where is law but here year lost is very fast I am very tense I am shame full going to outside I am very tense what I do I use home tips but there not recovery what I do please reply

  29. Arin Edohr 100% Natural Haitian Black Castor Oil is the truth aka Lwil Maskreti. Has been used for many years in our county since the 1600s and the benefits are amazing. Not only does it grow your hair it also removes corns. I made a video about it and my viewers attest to it as well.

    My viewers tell me that they get faster hair growth, fuller hair, stronger hair, thicker eyebrows and lashes, shinier hair, helps with dandruff, skin discoloration and it treats corns.

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