DIY Autumn Fairy Hair Color with Pravana — Frecklesfairychest

DIY Autumn Fairy Hair Color with Pravana — Frecklesfairychest


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The original link of the video is as following:

Color used: Pravana vivids: violet, magenta (mixed with a tiny bit of violet), orange and yellow, available here on amazon:

Conditioner She used from Sally Beauty Supply (make SURE you use a sulfate and silicone FREE conditioner or it will not work out well):

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  1. i love that !!! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Hey sis. Your hair is great.

  3. Would this work for somwone with a side shave

  4. subbed ๐Ÿ™‚ tysm

  5. I have gym class and I was wondering if these hair extensions would fall off?

  6. breath taking color

  7. you did alot better than some stylist

  8. What lipstick is she wearing? I've been searching for a colour like that for AGES.

  9. how much were your extentions and where u got them?

  10. Always curl you extensions when there in your hair
    It will blend much better
    But I love the color very beautiful and vibrant

  11. hi i have one question, so i have short hair i recently got it cut from and uneven bob cut to a straight cut and its down to my shoulders, my hair is naturally blonde and i dont want to dye my hair fully will it still look good if i just dyed the tips of my hair like that, and is thay seim-permant, i used to dye my hair alot but i stoped because i cut it short and its taking forever to regrow i also dont want to use extensions

  12. Did the colors bleed through each other? I saw pravana carries locked in colors and regular vivids. Which are best?

  13. wow i had this girl come in, when I was in beauty school, with this as inspiration! never knew where it was from ๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. love this soooo much, it reminds me of the instagram logo

  15. It looks so amazing

  16. Love the fairy hair!! You're so cool! Great job!!

  17. my hair is so short and boring I need this in my life x

  18. Wow! Gorgeous! ๐Ÿ˜

  19. love it wish had the money to buy these extension but for now i hate to stick with cheap ones

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