Do Women Like Facial Hair Or Clean Shaven Men?

Do Women Like Facial Hair Or Clean Shaven Men?


Do women like guys with facial hair? Entertainment Tonight host Rocsi Diaz joins the Pop Trigger cast to help us break down a new study on the topic.

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  1. How can I show a woman I'm filty rich without being rich?

  2. 02:28,
    The perfect hater for clean shaven blokes, 'They all look like perverts!!'
    Its people like her that starts up horrible shit,

  3. Retarded cunts. Specially the blonde whore.

  4. oh yeah Kpop is like so un attractive? oh we should all hate superman and fuck Lobo

  5. A man without beard is still a man cause he didn't trim his bloody cock and btw stop using the lion example cause then I'm gonna say a lion has a mane cause he can't trim cause he is an animal humans somehow did invent a sharp blade called razor to keep a clean look.

  6. All i gotta do to be a good dad is grow a beard hmm

  7. Wow lol. That guy is feminine af

  8. MGTOW

    Women are bullshit. Be and look like what you want to look like.

  9. Facial hair makes a man more mascuine manly

  10. Don't you hate to see a dude that's 4ft 11 with a Paul Bunyan full beard

  11. 3:39 Caitlyn Jenner can grow a beard πŸ€”

  12. Masculinity? Muscular Bearded guy picks fight with less muscular guy. Less muscular clean shaven guy beats the shit out of him.

    Pure delusions in this video

  13. Women love stubble until they get face chafing from kissing

  14. To all you beta makes out there. Do wtv you want with your facial hair. Having said that, most girls prefer heavy stubble because it looks better on most guys. However if you have a good square jaw and low body fat percentage, show that jaw line, it's more attractive. Girls think Ryan gosling is more attractive with a beard because he has an ugly jaw

  15. Clean-shaving will never go out of style!

  16. To each is own liking..some like one or the other or both. Some women dont care. Each is own

  17. I would knock that guy out in a heart beat

  18. Beards are very unnattractive. They make men look homeless especially when theyre not fixed up. I feel like people treat me better when Im clean shaven compared to having facial hair. I recieve way more compliments with a clean shave. Also, clean shaven is a universial look. You can go to a job interview and then a few hours later hit the club. You might get frowned upon if you showed up to an interview with a beard. Most professional jobs dont like beards. You get way more respect with a clean shaven face especially if you wear a suit with a cleaned face.

  19. The 10 day stubble this is stupid

  20. With facial hair it makes you look more manly and a bad boy

  21. The girl on the left is so dumb

  22. Ugh. No beard, no stubble, no 5 o'clock shadow, no scruff. Hate facial hair, give me clean-shaven and wonderfully smooth, and awesomely kissable all day long! Who wants to give their guy a peck on the cheek and have it feel like a Brillo pad?

  23. It depends. Some women like facial hair and others dont. Some women might like beards because it makes a guy look manly and older. I think a stubble looks handsome, in a rugged way. Clean shaven is sexy, because it shows that a guy is clean.

  24. Wait what 10 day stubble I have a full beard if I don't shave for like five days is this not normal?

  25. For many years I liked cleaned shaven on me. But now I have a goatee but no mustache. I'm asian and who knows maybe facial hair doesn't look good on asian men. I parents don't like my facial hair. They think I look far more handsome cleaned shaved.

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