Does COLORED HAIR WAX Work on Dark Hair??

Does COLORED HAIR WAX Work on Dark Hair??


So excited to be trying out something that was requested so much!! I had seen ads for this colored hair wax all over instagram and knew it’d be a really fun product to test and review! I wasn’t sure how it would work on dark hair but after seeing the ads I had hope it would show up in my dark brown hair!! Let me know any other products you want to see and if you have tried these hair color waxes !

Where I bought mine (Mofajang brand): (I got gold and blue!)

Other ones here too!

—-order scam?? so I first purchased 2 shades from, still haven’t gotten any info about my order shipping etc after 3 weeks but it does say it could take up to !! 6 !! weeks *sigh, always read the fine print lol* , After looking at their facebook page (which i had to search for myself since the facebook link on their website leads to a “page not found” -_-) there were a ton of reviews saying they were a scam/fake tracking numbers or that it took a nonsensical amount of time for them to get their product. I can’t say for sure if they are a scammy website because some people HAVE gotten their products but i wouldn’t refer ppl to purchase from because of the wait and spotty CS. I personally wouldn’t order from them ever again since amazon has the product for cheaper!!

-WASH OUT UPDATE: I slept in this and woke up to it still in there. I then took a shower and it immediately washed out, didn’t even need shampoo! My hair does not feel damaged at all either!


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  2. I love this. I’m excited for my own try now! Thanks! This was a great help for me

  3. The blue looks fabulous on you!

  4. Blue looks great on you 😍

  5. I just subscribed… for me with straight/fine hair does it weigh your down? Hope you can answer this because I hate my hair greasy or weighed down so would it be worth it? Thanks luv

  6. But if you have curly hair, there is no getting a brush or comb through it.

  7. Like omg it’s so sticky and like omg it’s so gross like omg eww

  8. This is not meant for your type of hair

  9. i just ordered the blue one lmao

  10. From Instagram @xo.bmua❤️

  11. You’re supposed to put it in when your hair is wet

  12. You look like Lelo from lelo and stitch ur soooooo pretty

  13. Your hair is supposed to be wet and then you apply it

  14. Your hair is supposed to be damp

  15. It is better if you wet your hair first

  16. Thank You for this video!
    I bought 5 colors, but was discouraged after initial application because the stiffness was gross. Now I know I just have to brush it out!! 🙂

  17. I dont know why but i think it looks teribble

  18. Thanks for this review u answered a lot of questions I had before I do my review!

  19. You move the product around to much

  20. Can't brush curly hair like that…😭

  21. Is it available in any stores?

  22. Looks good on curly hair

  23. Get your hair wet and then blow dry it

  24. 1.) Your hair is supposed to be wet.
    2.) You have to wait like 30-45 minutes for it to dry.
    3.) You shouldn't brush your hair because it's getting all over your brush and it takes out most of it and that's why you're losing pigment.
    4.) It works best on really curly hair.


  25. Do you have to wash your hair?

  26. YOu are supposed to damp UR HAIR no hate love ya😄😄

  27. you need to wet your hair, dry is no going to work

  28. I'm not completely sure that you did it right because in other videos people put leave in conditioner and hair gel so your hair didn't develop a crunchy texture and so it stuck on it better.

  29. Honey it feels like that cause your hair is suppose to be wet

  30. U are removing a lot of the tint by rubbing it in your hands ☠️ur suppose to apply straight to ur hair lmfao

  31. Ooh you would look gorgeous with dark blue hair, ur already gorgeous tho

  32. Thnq for this vid have had loads of doubts of waxing hair

  33. You’re supposed to have damp hair when you do it hun , it goes on much easier and the color comes out more vibrant

  34. It works better for black girls/mixed girls . No offense to other probably because it soaks in our hair like leave in conditioner.

  35. they rebranded and sell under hairpaintwax on IG @ 6.99 for most color and one color @ 9.99

  36. You're supposed to put it on damp hair.

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