Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Pastel Hair Color

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Pastel Hair Color


Rainbow reigns supreme! When it comes to this season’s hottest trend, everyone’s flocking to bright pastels as their Spring hair colors of choice. Aren’t visions of Jem and the Holograms and Rainbow Brite running through your head? Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart have sported green and orange, respectively, while Nicole Richie settled on a cool shade of lavender. Nicole’s colorist, Daniel Moon of Andy Lecompte Salon, discussed with me what it was like getting the last-minute text to color her hair, which was inspired by a photo that was altered by social media. (Something I had a little fun with too!) Plus, he explains the four-step process of going bold with your color — including the essential product you need to maintain your color at home.

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  1. Not taking advice from someone with that on their head. eek.

  2. I really want namjoon's purple hair color from Not Today 🙁

  3. The only problem is know WHAT shade of purple fits you, a light purple almost lilac? A really dark one? I really wanna make them but how the fuck do I know what color suits me better

  4. people who say it's so damaging it only last a couple of days & then it's healthy agian just take care of it That's what works for me. if not color it first and then just get a hair cut after duh

  5. i don't know how worth it is if it only lasts 3-6 weeks..

  6. " I got like 5 appointments"

  7. wow..fantastic color!! i love purple… 

  8. This is gorgeous! I have virgin, very dark brown (pretty much black looking) hair and I'm bored as hell with it. And I could care less that it would have to be bleached to achieve this color. Obviously I'd go to professional to get it colored.

  9. Im going purple todaaaay <3 Im so happy.

  10. Katy Perry doesn't count. She's BEEN having different colors of hair (wigs or natural hair) for a long time!!

  11. I really love the pastel hair but I don't think I could ever rock it!

  12. The idea of healthy brunette hair to bleach to pastel scares the hell out of me but love pastels on others.  is it really damaging?

  13. What's that glitter stuff

  14. Just saw your pic on IG and really love your hair Kirbiejohnson!!!

  15. You look so good! Worrrrrk it love the pastel hair

  16. I love rainbow coloured hair, and always have, but have never gone for it as I am loath to bleach my hair…

  17. This has only had 13 views, apparently

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