extreme bowl cut women with shaved nape | blonde pixie undercut buzzcut haircut short bob

extreme bowl cut women with shaved nape | blonde pixie undercut buzzcut haircut short bob


Anja Herrig doing a beautiful short bowl haircut (mega short bob with napeshave) to her model Kristina.



  1. The model is ugly and worse with cut

  2. no me gusto ese corte para la dama.

  3. 💇💆👍👍👍👍👍

  4. what did you do to this woman

  5. Makes her look so much younger – great cut although not for everyone.

  6. Nice work, I just don't care for the cut.

  7. Specialy I like your hair cutting

  8. La dejo orrible!!! encima que tiene fea nariz y labios muy finitos, taaaaannnn cortito???? un espanto

  9. Please, what this music track?!

  10. I hate the style it does nothing for the woman at all. The sectioning was messy on the left hand side when doing the undercut. Colour is good though.

  11. I love your buzzed sides  and naps 👍

  12. The state of that pics look like he hair is a type of angle you learn in math #sorrynotsorry

  13. Nice seeing a cutie caped and getting sectioned off knowing she is going to get taken with the clippers. Cute haircut.

  14. warum wird hier Englisch geschrieben.?

  15. Anja you looks so beautiful with your shot red hair

  16. The hairdresser in this video is so gorgeous. I think she had longer darker hair and wore glasses in an earlier video.

  17. Great haircut and color!

  18. too much like your work-in this case you have shown your's professionalism
    you made somthing out of nothing-BRAFISIMO
    a woman has too little hair and you did wonder-one more time BRAFISMO
    it is now-i like it your hairstyl,hair color
    and what is most important is that you do not have a hundred or a tatto on hand
    ok,you may have elsewhere,but where the hands ar seen
    like a true profesional that you ar the best

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