Foods to Help Fight Hair Loss

Foods to Help Fight Hair Loss


Here are 4 foods that can help fight hair loss.

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  1. My hair is falling so much nowadays.😓😓.
    I tried so many tips to control hairfall but it's not working😢.I changed many shampoo ,checked my hairfall problem but it doesn't work.i don't know what's wrong.even i comb my hair..i pull it sometime so many hair comes out..i use to wash my hair daily but no change has seen yet

  2. The best treatment, no oils, and its works Amberlotion serum

  3. The best treatment, no oils, and its works @t

  4. I have medicine on hair fall the time you put in hair ..stop falling it forever …new hair come ……1st i have used it …..plz if you need than whatspp me on 9673639598

  5. Best shower filter to take care of your hair

  6. I eat almond everyday still having hair fall

  7. Okay, can we just take a moment and appreciate the song

  8. Here's the best hair loss solution I could find online:


    When i was young my hair was dense and i nearly had no hair loss but when i grew up it began to fall when i brush or comb my hair. So is there any action i can do???

  9. I hate all the things they showed except almonds 😂

  10. Every one thinks I am crazy but it won’t stop falling

  11. For a doctor this video is pretty damn stupid. You can't absorb the iron in spinach and you should put the eggs on your hair as a mask instead.

  12. I smoothed my hair and now I am having very hair fall😢😢.plzz recommend me any solution plzzzzz

  13. I have also shared home remedy for hair fall on my channel and I have got quite amazing response. My hacks will surely make your hairs thick,long and shiny.

  14. The iron in spinach is not absorbable🙄

  15. I eat eggs everyday still I have hair falls

  16. I am usıng a losyon. My hair is hair lookıng good

  17. Doctor OZ IS WRONG WE DON'T NEED TO MUCH protein to grow hair we need carbohydrates and we need avoid soy product and that salmon chicken egg s

  18. It's all fake doesn't work

  19. ganjhai pen ho ye hair fall hair ke liye amazon per se charvi hair salution mangwaliya ak mahine me naye bal ana suru ho jaye tin mahine ke coures kare ganjai pen se chutkara paye company no 9767955885

  20. I seriously think I need to see a doctor for my hair lose. It falls out even if I touch it. And it is not just like two or three it's like 15 at a time. My l
    Biggest pet pive is when ppl say that they have it bad. Like try being me

  21. How many egg in one day…???

  22. Hair loss is not caused due to a single reason. The treatment is different for the different reasons. So to address the problem you need to find the root of the problem. If you lose hair at an alarming rate then the condition which will finally arrive is that of baldness. So if you want to avoid this condition then you need to take certain measure. You can use the home treatment. This kind of treatment method is safe and do not have any side effects. The first thing which you can do is message you scalp with egg yolk which is uncooked. Leave it for at least 1 hour and then wash it. check this article for more info
    have a good day

    WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set – (2 x 16.9 Fl Oz / 500mL) – Increase Gloss, Hydration, Shine – Reduce Itchy Scalp, Dandruff & Frizz – No Parabens or Sulfates – All Hair Types
    Detoxify your hair and dry scalp to clear the buildups caused by dirt, filth, and style products. Apple cider vinegar removes filth that damages hair. Rich in vital protection to support healthier hair growth for men and women.

  24. I'm allergic to eggs, chicken or any fishy foods 😥

  25. Who is want to eat after watching this

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