GET UNREADY W ME! || skin care routine!

GET UNREADY W ME! || skin care routine!


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Products I used!

Cetephil face wash-

Peel off face mask-

Elta MD moisturizer


aqua bomb-

Lip balm-



  1. i know garnier face wash

  2. Does anyone else think she kinda looks like a mini Tessa brooks?

  3. Do you and middle still dance yes or no

  4. LOL!! her dog was barking and she trying to record in peace.

  5. I love you so much this is the first time to talk with you

  6. All skin is red when u take makeup off cuz ur rubbing the wipe

  7. So that's how you do it 🤔🤔

  8. Am I the only one but does mackenzies nose look crooked

  9. Pls do a hair routine kenzie really I luv u very much.

  10. I am from Australia and I use paw paw every day for my lips!!

  11. Your skin is dry? I’m over here looking like a cactus in the desert🙄😀

  12. Super nice count: 10000000000 😂 Xxx love u

  13. You already have a christmas tree in the room😂😍🎄

  14. Someone count how many times she said so

  15. I think its the makeup cuz i notice people who put on makeup always have like a dry or rash looking face

  16. I have a suggestion fo your skin,It looks like sunburn and I really recommended Aloe Vera Gel from Texas.It 99%Natural effect and it good for dry and sunburn skin.I usually have sunburn skin but when i'd used it,all my sunburn are gone!So I really recommended you to try it.
    Ps;I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuu so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  17. So cool to see the FaceTime

  18. love seeing beauty and hair videos and you should for sure post more on what brands and products you use!

  19. Put on water and then lotion

  20. Dope and glory face cream Idk if this is only in the uk tho

  21. Do a hair routine please 💕

  22. Can u do a video on the best way to apply eyeliner.

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