Hair Care Routine | Q&A & New Lighting

Hair Care Routine | Q&A & New Lighting


Helloo.. ^__^ So my haircare routine has been requested as well as a Q&A video. So please leave your questions down below for me to answer in a later video. 🙂

Btw I forgot to mention what shampoo & conditioner I use, but I just switch them out a lot. I mostly just use Pantine or Dove. Basically I just grab whichever one that talks more about dry & damage repair. ^__^

I use the Simple Truth Cold Pressed, Unrefined Organic coconut oil. You can just get it at Kroger.

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  1. Where'd you get your shirt 🙂 I really like it!

  2. i want her hair color !!! this the hair color i always wanted . 😆😆😆😨😨😨😍😍😍😭😭😭😭

  3. u are so pretty mashallah..:)

  4. جميله ماشاللع بس للاسف مو فاهمه شي 😫

  5. Here is my question; how much language do you know and which languages do you want to learn? (Sorry if i wrote wrong my eng is a little bad) love youu!

  6. Questions: What do you look for in a guy? What would you change about yourself?

  7. I find your style cute and dolly,
    Who is your style inspiration?

    Hope you'll answer this. Thank you,:)

  8. Question: What would like to do for a living (if you don't do youtube). I am think education and work 🙂

  9. Christina what's your nationality?

  10. She looks very similar with Joyce Chu when she smile

  11. So, I have a couple of questions LOL.
    1. How are you learning Korean? 😀  Because I also am trying to learn (slowly though) and I would love to hear any tips from what has been helping you o3o
    2. What camera do you use? :0

  12. Cool lighting looks better !:) please upload more !

  13. Where have you travelled (in the world) so far

  14. Cool lighting, love your videos!

  15. Pls do another red carpet look~ really like the old one 😊

  16. OMG i use Pantene too!
    and we choose the same kind of shampoo, aaah i wish my hair could be as gorgeous as you ❤️

  17. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Especially your bangs
    -What do you like to do in your free time?
    -What local mall stores do you like to shop at? (Ex. H&M, forever 21…?)
    Also just a suggestion, can you do more outfit videos like school outfits or summer lookbooks? Thank you for taking the time to read my comment~^^ <3

  18. Your hair is amazing goals ❤️ I. Like the warm tone

  19. cool tone 🙂 can you link us where you bought your ring lights!

  20. Q & A: Are you in school? if so, what are you studying?

  21. Sulfate-Free products helps your hair to not get frizzy! I have a Sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and after shower thingy and they work very well and help me with the frizz. Btw, mine are L'oreal products.

  22. She is really preety ….

  23. You are gorgeous! My question is: How often do shop for makeup?

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