Okay, so we all want red carpet, expensive looking, mezmerizingly glamorous hair. And while we all marvel at Kim K’s silky black locks swinging down her back like a waterfall of celebrity status forged from a show about how rich she is and Nikki Minaj’s Marie Antionette pink display of hair, the fact is they’re all wigs! Yes, that’s right there really is very little point to you using up a small village worth of power to style yourself into Kylie Jenner with 100 different straighteners and curling wands before your tinder date. Simply take it from the demi-gods in society (or celebrities) and get yourself a wig. Not only will you never have to dye your hair again, risk burning it off with the curling tongs or even wash it, you can also look like the most glamorous girl in the bar knowing it took you only 2 hours to get ready compared to the usual 5. So, whether you’re the kind of girl that wants to be Cardi B one day and Gigi Hadid the next, find yourself the perfect lace front wig and change your head more often than you’ve ever changed your bedding. But what are lace front wigs? How do they work and what do you need to know before purchasing one of these sexy accessories?

What is a lace front Wig?

These types of wigs are the most reliable for hair that stays in place, looks au natural and comes in a whole range of different styles. They work by having a lace scalp in front of the hair that will stick to your own forehead creating a natural gradient from your forehead to your hair. They are virtually undetectable and won’t move around whether you’re dropping those moves in the club, running for the bus or going for a swim.

These wigs come in countless styles, so you definitely won’t be stuck for looks and you can change it up as much as you like. They also come in both human and synthetic hair at a range of prices so whether you’re looking to invest in something that’s going to last for everyday use or it’s just an addition to your outfit on a Saturday night out, they’ll be one out there for you.

These wigs can also be glued on for long term use, lasting a few months or can be placed on using the straps provided and taken off before bed. They are so versatile because of their light weight nature so you don’t feel like a small person is sat on your head for the entirety of your day. And with their evolution over the past decades, you don’t have to worry about walking out the house looking like you’re going trick or treating, or even scarier, Donald Trump.

History of lace front wigs

So now you know what a lace front wig is and why you should be clearing a space for your wig collection already, where do these wigs come from and why are they so popular with everyone from students to celebrities to this day?

Believe it or not, Ancient Egyptians wore wigs to cover their shaved heads from the sun way back in 3100BC so this trend is one that definitely hasn’t fell to the same fate as juicy couture trackies and denim on denim. But while we don’t use the same wigs as this ancient society, Kings such as Louis XIII of France did in fact wear a lace front wig. So, if you’re not really into Cardi B and Nikki Minaj just doesn’t do if for you at least take it from fashionista King Louis. He might not spit bars quite as well, but he sure can rock a snazzy hairstyle.

These lace wigs were common with the upper classes throughout America and Europe and were a symbol of affluence and stylishness, while being made from human, horse and yak hair. Wigs also became popular in court, as they are today in Britain, to create a formality and solemnity to the proceedings and provide a sense of anonymity that separates the barrister’s personal involvement with their professionalism in the intense court environment. So while you can use it as an extension of your identity you can also use it to hide it, particularly handy if you’re ex and his pals are out on the same night as you or if you’re a big tycoon drug lord and hoping to avoid detection when you go out to buy another huge watch and some jewels or whatever tycoon drug lords do all day. You can also wear one in the same way barristers do, to separate yourself from your occupation, so you can blank all your colleagues and reply to emails you get at the weekend like ‘sorry Steve not got my wig on therefore I am just Janet but catch me on Monday morning when it’s back on and I am work Janet. Kind regards!’. It will freak everyone out and it basically makes you a barrister so literally what are you waiting for.

Nowadays wigs are extremely popular in the modelling and movie industry, giving people a completely new identity to match their character in a matter of seconds. And while production companies can spend thousands of pounds on a luxury, human hair, high tech set of locks, us mere mortals can purchase great quality, natural looking hair pieces for far less and still show off our character in a fun and unique way.

So, whether you’re going for the King Tut look, the Louis XIII do, you’re using it to hide from your colleagues after work or you simply want to feel like an absolute queen with the biggest sexiest hair on a Saturday night in the pub, a lace front wig is the accessory for you. With their growing popularity and huge variety, you can find the perfect fit while knowing it’s not going to look a mess at the end of the night, the rain isn’t going to turn you into a Dulux dog and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.