Haircut short layers 90 degree for beginners

Haircut short layers 90 degree for beginners


Cut the perimeter around the hairline first; determine the hair length on the front side of the head so the client could give you directions on the length. Then establish a guideline on the top of the head; ask the client how much length does she want to be cut on the top. Use finger measurements 3 on the crown and 2 on the bottom. The hairline area, besides the front hairline, is cut using 2 finger measurements and the guideline. Cut the fringe and the front hairline forward to make sure to cover uneven and receding hairline. Use scissors-over-comb technique. Learn the angles of the head and how to determine them. Cut the fringe area forward. Learn how to check your haircut by blending two guidelines together from point A to point B. This is a how-to step-by-step instruction class/video for cosmetologists, beauty school students, barbers, salon professionals, and anyone who likes to cut hair. Video produced by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.

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  1. Assassinou o cabelo da senhora

  2. Nice….I cut my own hair at home…and I've watched many hair cut tutorial videos…just to learn the basic….and I've learned many different techniques….and I like your 2-3 fingers guideline….looking forward to try it…😃

  3. Dommage qu’il ne soit pas à Paris

  4. Me.encanto esta forma de.cortar el cabello donde primero hicistes un vaciado y luego cortaste eccelente grscias

  5. I’m going to have a go at my mums hair 🙂

  6. About To Cut My Grandmother's Hair As A Birthday Gift Wish Me Luck!!!

  7. Wish me luck am about to cut my grandmas hair lol she doesnt care I don't know how!😄

  8. My mom called me an needed a haircut asap and asked for my help. I had 12 minutes warning and she was here. I watched this video at 1.75 times while she drove to my home. I have no experience cutting womens hair, just my 3 boys. This taught me everything I needed to know and she was out the door in 20 minutes. And she looked fabulous. Your pointers and tips took us to home base! That was so fun! Thank you for doing this video!

  9. at first i wasn’t sure. but this is great especially the rule about measuring with your finger!

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  11. خواهشمند است زبان ایرانی هم داشتهباشید

  12. Very interesting and helpful videos. Your all very talented hairdressers and teachers. Thank you for the great hair tutorials and happy new year!

  13. I know y'all be deleting comments cuz all positive comments 🤔🤣

  14. 很棒很详细,谢谢。

  15. Very nicely done, my hair is just like hers, not thinning yet but I see that the lady was quite satisfied, by the way, I am not demanding, you might think, I just want to be happy and looked nice with my hair, thanks, readers…🇺🇸🇵🇭

  16. Cutting hair according to the customers desire should be considered, I had a haircutter who kept rolling her eyes when I told her what I want, I did not say anything even tipped her but never to come back ever…👎👎👎🇺🇸🇵🇭

  17. She looks happy and that is the more important thing…

  18. Beautiful cut and color all natural

  19. I wish you could cut my hair exactly the same way. Any chance you can come to Portugal? 😂😃great job. Congratulations

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