Haircut Tutorial – 4 contrast hairstyles with highlights for man & woman Vern Hairstyles 29

Haircut Tutorial – 4 contrast hairstyles with highlights for man & woman Vern Hairstyles 29


Vern Hairdressing Style College

Vern, “rocks your business”, International Fashion Seminar presents
worldwide newest hairstyles, trend of international show and fashion analysis.
Share the easier and pleasanter way to develop your business.
Teach you how to create the healthiest and high accomplishment working environment.
Show you the procedure of perfect hair cut systematically.
Provide you three perfect hairstyles concepts to satisfy customers.
Feel worldwide popular “Vern intelligent combined scissors” in person.
Enjoy unique effect and better function of each Vern scissor.

The Seminar video shows the highlights of International hairstylists, Emma, Lulu, Cherry and Vivi of Vern Hairdressing Style College. It presents worldwide surprising haircuts in Taiwan perfectly.

00:15 6Ea+Bridge+6E : Texturizing
00:35 6Eb+Bridge+6Ee : Slanting cut
00:44 6Eb+Bridge+6Ee : Texturizing to cut
01:00 6Eb+6Ee : Texturizing to cut
01:05 6Eb+Bridge+6Ee : Texturizing to cut
01:14 6Eb+Bridge+6Ee : Slanting cut

01:56 Electric clipper
02:06 6Eb+6E : Texturizing
02:20 6Eb+6E : Texturizing to cut
02:24 6E+6E+6Eb : Texturizing to cut
02:31 6Eb+6E : Slanting cut
02:44 6N : Cutting
02:58 Electric clipper

03:26 6Eb+Bridge+6E : Texturizing
03:54 6V x 3 : Point cut
04:37 6Ed x 2 : Slanting cut
04:43 6Ed x 2 : Texturizing to cut
04:56 6Ed x 2 : Slanting cut
05:19 6E x 2 : Texturizing to cut

05:45 6Ee+6E : Texturizing to cut
06:07 6Ea : Texturize next to the scalp
06:15 6Ee+6E : Texturizing to cut
06:28 6Ee+6E : Slanting cut
06:51 Trailer and next video.

Cutting series Vern Scissors
Cut Layers and Contour Line
6V+6V=Light and soft hair ends
6V+6E=One-length and Bob hair ends

Texturizing series Vern Scissors
Texturize Hair Volume
6Ea for less hair volume
6Eb for medium hair volume
6Ec for more hair volume
6Ea+6Eb+6Ec=Natural hair ends without hard lines

Styling Series Vern Scissors
Create Defined and Special Effects
6Ed for less hair volume
6Ee for more hair volume
6Ed+6Ee=Defined and special effects

Super Curve Series Vern Scissors
Cut Layers and Contour Line
6N curve and various technical effects
6N+6N= perfect for fly cutting

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  4. Wow amazing work thank you guys

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  6. こんにちは!お元気ですか(笑)。Well, I was so happy when finding any your new videos released. But at the same time, I still feel extremely disappointed and sad for Vietnamese hair career. As you know, it was, is and will be SO BAD…FOREVER!!!! I WISH someday in the future, the hair career in VN will have A CHANCE to CHANGE to be better, not good BECAUSE I KNOW that it NEEDS MORE 50 YEARS LATER OR LONGER for VN hair career to be better…As you know, most of VN hair stylish are so bad, especially in hair cutting, it was…terrible…Even the hair cape they use to wrap their customers was, is and will be so bad. It will be never beautiful, shiny and never called "real hair cape" like yours!!!! So I hope SO SO MUCH if YOU COULD COME to Ho chi minh city or even Vn to POPULARIZE YOUR HAIR CUTTING TECHNIQUES to all citizen, especially to Vn hairstylish, BECAUSE OF reasons I said above!!! I APPRECIATE SO MUCH IF YOU CAN DO THAT, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!

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