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  1. This looks awesome.Im here in Puerto Rico and no barber is good period,like my barber does not know how to do the man bun haircut and I have to do the same boring haircut every 2 weeks.I tell him to do me another haircut and he tells me "I don't know how to do that"

  2. Damn that’s a bit of a high cut

  3. Does it matter if you don’t have a clean hair line and kind of have it like the one in the video?

  4. boring me iong heh satang nia jong me

  5. bro that edge up on his right side looks scary

  6. he didint have the hairline for it tho

  7. How can you remember the open and close lever ?

  8. was hoping to see this from start 2 finish rather than in between.

  9. love it man subscribe to my channel tj and i. check out my cuts . love this bro

  10. I really like this guy 😂

  11. Do you dig into the head when you make your guidelines Mr.Jeezy, or you flick out?

  12. Ladies if found a suitcase full of money and the amount of money you found was your phone number how much would you have?🤔™

  13. I've watched almost every video on your channel and I just wanted to say great job keep it up…but your intro's are too long and I've mastered the art of skipping right to the cut.

  14. looking great…. only you can do these kinda cuts… 😎

  15. hey u should give me one

  16. Would that be considered a low bald fade?

  17. Apta para móviles · Halloween Hair Read More … Read More Community & Events • Sep 2016 Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Hair Cuttery …

  18. First time watching ! Very entertaining

  19. that was dope bro. I would like to see your take on a pompadore.

  20. Velocity Cutz💈Keep it 💯🇺🇸

  21. I really like the hair 😛

  22. qual é essa música que você está usando???

  23. That's sick, and what do you do to the baby hairs ?

  24. Nigga got the I eat pussy all day and hang out with hoes haircut

  25. What kind of fade is this?

  26. I like the way 360 makes his videos

  27. Do you use straight razor?

  28. i like the way you use a techniques of yours its really help me… thank you dude.. 🙂

  29. i like the way you use a techniques of yours its really help me… thank you dude.. 🙂

  30. Subscribed! If you need dope instrumentals to play out let me know 💯

  31. is he talking during the haircut or is he talking over the video? i cant tell lmao just wondering

  32. Daaaaaaammmmmnnn. Sick ass cut.

  33. bro you lit asf I hope I learn how to cut hair with your videos I'm 16 and I'm barely a beginner 😒😧

  34. hey man how do you get a lighter hand? also what are some good clippers to invest in?

  35. what's up with the edger did you take the top off it does that make it easier to line it up? Can i take my edgers somewhere to be sharp, they brand new andis sl 2 but they dont hit hard

  36. My boy got the megamind forehead

  37. Is that the original cord on your out liner

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