Haircuts You’ll Be Asking For In 2018

Haircuts You’ll Be Asking For In 2018


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2017 was the year of unicorn hair, lazy lobs, all-braids-everywhere, and celeb-fueled pixies. But those looks are already old news. So, what hues, textures, and lengths will be getting all the likes? These are the hottest haircuts for 2018…

Shoulder length | 0:16
Natural color | 0:42
Undercurrent | 0:57
Shaggy bob | 1:15
Ombre roots | 1:35
French girl chic | 1:50
Bowl cuts | 2:21
Mullets and shags | 2:47
Pastels | 3:05
Unfussy and textured | 3:27
Dramatic bangs | 4:07
The pageboy | 4:30
Tapered Afro | 4:44
The Vidal Sassoon bob | 5:17
Long layers | 5:38

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  1. Which haircut do you think you'll try in 2018?

  2. You forgot my dumbass emo hair

  3. Yeah I will toooootally ask for all those women's hair cuts.

  4. If I cut my hair I’d look like a potato so I don’t know why I’m here for haircuts

  5. Alot of these hair styles and colors are a great reason to NEVER follow trends

  6. Can someone tell me who is the girl at 3:39 PLEASE??

  7. I keep trying to see the hair cute n u keep putting the words up There. I can hear. I'm just saying to really like this but that was not Nice

  8. Half of these are the ugliest hairdos I've ever seen.

  9. Well there's no bowl cuts or mullets yet and we only have a few months left 😅 I'm glad

  10. That's every hair style covered then.

  11. Some if these hair cuts are disgusting. And by the way there is not gender fluid it is Male or Female. That is it. End of discussion.

  12. wow nic……i also new on this so nice to watch you

  13. They lost me at "gender fluidity"……stopped watching.

  14. It's impossible to look good every day.

  15. Lol bitches be wearing wigs nowadays

  16. Well they pretty much went over all hairstyles so what ever you have is already back and in lol

  17. SICK and HIDEOUS!!!!!

  18. I love how they mention every hairstyle in this video. Lol

  19. Yikes bowl cuts lol
    Yikes mullets ROFLMBO people are so stupid to go along with this to be trendy.

  20. Not impressd with anything ..ill just be me ..thank u

  21. Uhg, only two decent cuts and styles in the whole thing and they are as old as I am. The rest is absolutely horrid! Experts, really??? again, all I can think of with these is uhg! Just terrible!

  22. Oh my God, this is so silly sometimes I think these people just makes shit up!

  23. Just go with the hairstyle you personally are most into. Who cares if it's popular or not popular? Your hair should be about you, not your submission to conforming to trends.

  24. Never saw a person where a mullet looked good on them. Its just a nasty boyish cut

  25. you know what the trend of hair is? Whatever YOU like. Its all about personal preference and what looks good on YOU

  26. not one look looked good to me

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