HOW I WASH MY HAIR! Natural Haircare Routine & Tips

HOW I WASH MY HAIR! Natural Haircare Routine & Tips


OPEN ME! Hey guys, in this video I walk you through my hair washing routine. This is just how I like to wash/condition my hair to promote healthy hair. It works for me and maybe you can learn a tip or two! I only use natural and organic shampoo and haircare products, wash my hair every 4-7 days and more. Remember to give this video a like and press the bell to be notified when I upload new videos. Enjoy!

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(I like both the purifying and hydrating lines)


(vitamin C filters are supposed to be really good too)




Other haircare products I use in my routine:


Swimsuit im wearing (cause I know some of you will ask)

Music by Anthony Russell

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  1. i have a hair like yours sorta ^^

  2. Some girls are blessed with like these hair

  3. First I cut my hair short looks good
    After seeing her I want long hair

  4. plz also make a video on after wash hair care and styling

  5. In this moment i would never wash ma hair before out brush my bff says i washing my hair and after i brush it😂im german my english isnt good❤️🤣

  6. Hey Sarah! Are there any shampoos or conditioners you would recommend from iHerb? I wanted to check out Calia so bad, but shipping to Dubai costs around 60 USD :/

  7. about to wash hair sees intro Shoot…. brush

  8. 3.25, *However, I wash my BANGS everyday in the sink, what does the 'BANGS' mean???? I know one BANG meaning like in the Big BANG..

  9. I love you so much!!!! Beautiful hair and personality. ❤️

  10. Omg, girl if you had 4A/3B hair, I would be sooo hard to take care of!! I have that kind of hair, and it goes down to my lower back and it is like impossible to keep pretty. I have to wet my head every👏single👏day👏. The longest I can go without wetting my head is 2 days. I want my hair to grow as long as yours, but taking care of it will be a challenge.

  11. I installed a shower filter and it definitely makes a difference. I think I have hard water so I noticed the filter made my skin way less dry and my hair more healthy and glossy.

  12. Who here wishes they had her hair I sure do

  13. Your voice is soo calming

  14. Ur voice sounds like an advertisement

  15. I accidentally fell asleep while listening ur voice

  16. Omg is no one going to talk about her voice it's so petty and soft nice

  17. Acctually if you buy the Garnier Banana Hair Food it helps alot

  18. I don't get the sulfate shampoos and my hair really looks different❤️🌹

  19. My hair is like long like yoir but thin wich me and it gets oily quick wich is annoying ad I gottswash almost everyday or every other day plz do a video on what i could do

  20. I love ur videos becoz I feel hard to sleep ur voice make me sleep peacefulluy😍😍😍pleasing voice

  21. what supplement's do you take??

  22. 5:21 did she mentioned a test ? what is it called guys ?

  23. You're hair looks so healthy. I use to have long thick hair. It's very thin now and starting to fall out but that's okay. I would always donate it to cancer victims so at least it helped someone.

  24. Aka hair care routine only rich people can afford🙄

  25. I can't be the only one who thinks she looks like Melanie Martinez.

  26. A whole new level of Prozac 🤐

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