How to Add Curls to Boys Hairstyles ( Boys Curly Haircut)

How to Add Curls to Boys Hairstyles ( Boys Curly Haircut)


How to Add Curls to Boys Hairstyles ( Boys Curly Haircut)
—Watch RaDona add curls to men’s hairstyles and then show how to style it here.

What a fun hairstyle. We added trendy curls to a short boys hairstyles using standard perm methods. This style of hair is becoming popular.

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Here is a super good video that highlights adding curls to boys hair:

How can you add curls to boys hairstyles?
Add curls to boys hairstyles?
How to style curly hair men?


  1. What a pleasure to watch, more boys should know the pleasure of the perm 🙂

  2. How cute this was, thank you for sharing 🙂 How did he like getting a perm and did he like it after you were done?

  3. I have the same haircut as him except I recently got some blond highlights and I love it. But the perm does look good on him! So handsome!

  4. Can I get a perm with hair under 2 inches of length

  5. have you done a roller set on your hair yet

  6. do u do shampoo n set

  7. when you going to roller set on your hair

  8. Can we see a roller set on your lengthy of hair

  9. do u do wash n sets i woukf like an appt. with u great job

  10. Looks so good on him oxox

  11. great video can you show a perm on longer hair like your lengthy or missy's

  12. Hey i get perms but i found out there is different curls you can get, can you show different styles? And btw im a guy

  13. These styles are becoming more popular here. So once again, as the client makes the request…we desire to please.

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