How to Create a DIY Waterfall Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

How to Create a DIY Waterfall Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles


This 2-minute tutorial is the most-popular Waterfall Braid tutorial on YouTube! It’s a follow-up to our original tutorial, the first on YouTube, after fans said it was impossible to create on yourself!

This video was filmed back in 2010, before the craze of the Waterfall Braid hit the world, with all its many hair tutorials. We filmed the original tutorial on KamriNoel, but the comment section was ablaze with many viewers saying that this Waterfall braid was IMPOSSIBLE to do as a DIY. I knew this wasn’t true.

So, I had been doing it on myself for about a year now, so I asked Shaun to grab the camera and quickly film me showing how to do this on yourself.

As you can see, if you can get the braid stranding down, it is fairly easy to do on yourself. If you can braid a french braid on your own, you can do this braid!

My little girl Kamri was the one who coined the term “Waterfall Braid”, since the strands look like water falling through the rocks at the top of waterfall.

This plait makes for a perfect base for homecoming, Prom, a wedding, dance, or any other formal or informal occasion!

Where would you wear this beautiful braided hairstyle?


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So many of you have asked if this hairstyle can be done on yourself without any help. The quick answer, is yes… you can!

Here are our other Waterfall Braid Cascade Braid variations that you can try once you master this!

Feel free to tag your own photos of this hairstyle with: #CGHWaterfallBraidDIY

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid with Crimped Strands

Waterfall Braid with Spiral Curls

Double Waterfall Braid


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  1. 2010 : We get tons of emails

    2019 : We get tons of comments

  2. First video I ever watch of yours. Along time ago.

  3. 9 years later and I still cannot do it and my hair is up to my lower back! You’d think it be easy, but nope!

  4. who's watching 9 years later with long hair (2019)

    i still didn't get it 🙁 ^^ )

  5. Who’s watching 9 years later? 2019

    Oh just me?

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  7. Anyone in 2019 😂💗

  8. this is basically invisible because of my black hair ugh

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  12. Can u do this with a duch braid?

  13. This hairstyle actually worked on me!!! I’m so bad with hair and I’ve been trying easier hairstyles and this one WORKED!!!! 9 years later and it’s still great

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  15. Anyone watching a couple days before 2019? Just curious.

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  17. You shoul reupload this videos

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