How To Cut A Mohawk / Men's HairStyle HD

How To Cut A Mohawk / Men's HairStyle HD


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  1. Todo tu video me an ayudado mucho grasia por los video que tu a echo para que uno a prenda mas grasia jeezy

  2. That's exactly how I'm getting mine done this weekend.

  3. Superb my friend! You just inspired me to get a mohawk now.

  4. am I the only one who double check the title to see if it says drake 😂

  5. That is NOT a mohawk. 👎🏽

  6. this nigga says how to cut a mohak and tgere no instructions

  7. I was annoyed by the fact that he didn't cut off that one spot of his hair on the side of his head when he was doing the blowout.

  8. best barber tutorial got me faden with the wahl and conair

  9. That looks like a frohawk.

  10. how to use your mower for contour pls

  11. Mohawks don't look good on me

  12. That fade was dope. I have a question for you or anybody who knows.. I've been cutting hair for years now but I've never cut this type of hair for a black man and I want to know any basic tips or anything I need to know before cutting up one of my clients so that I won't mess up

  13. who else wishes jeezy was they barber??

  14. at least they keep coming back my male clients normally give me $30_35 tips I don't feel comfortable with that as a hair stylist. but hey

  15. its a female that cut his hair btw

  16. So what kind of mohawk would this be? Cuz I have seen alot but I like this one. So whats the name so I can tell my barber. This is fye bro.

  17. I clicked on the video cuz I thought it was Chris Paul.

  18. How do you sharpen your outliners for a more crispy look when they have already been zero gapped?

  19. Bro you got the juice with this barber stuff! 💯💯💯 Did you go to barber school?

  20. this nigga here ,lookin like lightskin version of kanye west ,with some drake haircut ,Good lineup tho .

  21. you give the best line ups

  22. Razor edge an he ready bro… U got ten times better too keep working bro

  23. what size guard would you use on the top to keep it that length?

  24. you rock bro big respects to you

  25. this dude reminds me of ice cubes lol,but I have to say the haircut is really nice and a really clean cut,great job man keep it up

  26. What's the thing called where he used to line him up?

  27. what would this cut be called if you cut to back off so it looked like the sides and just kept the part. cause its fresh but I don't like a lot of hair in the back of my head. ??

  28. Dude is sick with the clippers. keep up the good cutz.

  29. He looks like franklin GTA

  30. damn im white and this hair make me jealous

  31. I wish I lived near you man. I never get the fucking haircut I want. These barber's should be arrested for giving those ridiculous haircuts. But dude you're amazing!!!

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