How to cut layered hair with ponytails | Haircut women

How to cut layered hair with ponytails | Haircut women



Today I’m going to show you a how to cut your own hair with ponytails.
This technique is very easy.
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  1. GO WORK SOME EXTRA SHIFTS u lazy louses and pay a pro.

  2. Salons are ridiculously overpriced.

  3. Can you use this same method to give yourself really short layered hair?

  4. Will this technique work on layered hair ?

  5. Please share DIY Shag cut

  6. Can this work in black women hair

  7. Wow I expected blood when i saw the scissors pinch at her finger!!!!

  8. Is it possible to cut the back or front pony tails different lengths. To create other styles?

  9. I want your hair color😍😍

  10. Love these no nonsense vids

  11. Those scissors are like $7 from ali express

  12. This didn't work for my shoulder length hair ugh. It just made it shorter with barely noticable layers. Disclaimer: this is really hard with your hair is wet. It's so tiring.

  13. i followed this tutorial and got the cut i wanted. thanks! :3

  14. I did this once and it looked horrible! Only do it when you want to cut a tiny little piece off your hair. When you want shorter hair go to the salon!

  15. thanks for the instructions clear but with few words

  16. thank you!!!!!!!!!!😻

  17. what type of scissors do you use especially for very thick hair.

  18. Going to try this next time I cut my hair. Thank you

  19. Thank you for this …you saved me ☺

  20. We can do sections three???

  21. Can i get one subscribers and I’ll subs back 💕😢

  22. This worked great!! I love it! what a savings.

  23. are layers still trendy in 2017? just curious because I see less and less people with layered hair in Germany these days. I don't like layers, these are for stars, media people… such people don't wake up at 6 in the morning to do their hair before going to work in 10 Min. luxury haircut really

  24. multiple upset achievement wovtpf here abortion tent Roman.

  25. so this is basically a 180° haircut

  26. Just done my daughters hair and it looks grate

  27. she should get rid of the sideburns on the side of her face

  28. Where did you get those beautiful shears? Thank you!

  29. Lol.. does this actually work lol

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