HOW TO CUT WOMENS HAIR // Short Pixie Assymetrical A-line Haircut Tutorial

HOW TO CUT WOMENS HAIR // Short Pixie Assymetrical A-line Haircut Tutorial


My favorite blow dryer of all time
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This haircut is super edgy and fun. We were actually inspired by Sergeant Calhoun on Wreck it ralph for this haircut. What do you think?? Is this hairstyle for you?? ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓

Who are Asymmetrical Styles suited for?

A lot of people are drawn to wearing more asymmetrical styles because they want to make a statement with their hair. They are very outgoing and like to draw a lot of attention to themselves, particularly when it comes to their hair. You usually find asymmetrical style among younger people, especially those into less mainstream interests.

But that isn’t to say that other people shouldn’t wear asymmetrical styles. In fact, incorporating asymmetrical elements into a hairstyle can help to flatter the face, and balance otherwise overbalanced features. For example, someone who has a large or overly protrusive nose may find their face flattered by using an angled parting and a diagonally cut bangs area.

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  1. Absolutely love this cut it looks so good on her

  2. how much do you charge to do color well 2 different colors black n bright blonde

  3. I lvove your cut Thanks


  5. okay, got rid of it! I am an older woman and I like this hair cut. Would wear it if younger.

  6. The sounds of sirens are coming out of my speakers during the whole hair cut.

  7. you my dear are a truly fabulous artist.

  8. I look nice short my hair styles next week

  9. luv it , so adorable !

  10. Messy haircut no one understands

  11. It's Christmas Eve 2016… Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!! Looking forward to new videos!!!!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!

  12. II hate asymmetrical haircuts.

  13. April… I absolutely love your videos!! They are so easy to understand. Thank u!!

  14. Very cool haircut. I love your explanations, that I miss in other cutting videos, very useful! thanks

  15. I have very thick, course hair and a ton of it so. I wear my hair very short. I don't like hairstylist to use thinning shears because it makes my hair stand straight out like a porcupine! When I went to Germany, my husband's uncle is a Master Hairstylist. He said that my hsit type needs to be thinning with a razor because the razor cuts it at an angle that allows the hair to lie down instead of standing on end. After my haircut, my hair was lying down!! My hair has never laid down so smoothly without any puffiness. Have you found the same thing using a razor to thick and course hair compared to thinning shears? I really hope you reply to my questions. Thanks!

  16. Whoever was holding the camera was often standing on the opposite side of you. Because of this, the viewer couldn't see the angle/line(s) that you were referring to so it wasn't possible to understand what you were doing. This woman seems to have thick, course hair and a lot of it. Would you consider using your razor to thin out the hair (razor in a horizontal position) instead of shears? I was wondering why you didn't thin her hair out more, did the client want the volume or was there another reason? Thanks!

  17. i wanna get my hair exactly like that , but how should i tell my stylist ?? cause sometimes they dont know how to do it and they end up doing something else smh

  18. i wanna do my hair exactly like that but how should i tell my stylist?? cause sometimes they dont know and they end up doing something else smh

  19. i wanna do my hair exactly like that but how should i tell my stylist?? cause sometimes they dont know and they end up doing something else smh

  20. That is a horribly unattractive hairdo. It's very unflattering to the woman wearing it.

  21. April thank you , beautiful. Cut 😍😍😍😍

  22. "Love" excuse the typo

  23. Lobe the cut….is it possible to demo this cut on an African American model and give suggestions on achieving the same or similar results with different hair type….thanks

  24. Me encanto, muchas gracias por video

  25. this haircut looks great on her cause she also has dark hair and i feel like this haircut looks better in dark hair. she is very lovely 😊

  26. which trademark are your scissors? 🙂

  27. Also is this cut ok on fine hair!

  28. I am doing this cut tomorrow on a client as a model! using this video! i'm so nervous! Would you say technically this is a hard hair cut?

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