How to CUT YOUR OWN HAIR ✄ Blunt Style DIY Tutorial

How to CUT YOUR OWN HAIR ✄ Blunt Style DIY Tutorial


This video is about a hairstyle that’s super stylish and edgy at the same time : the BLUNT CUT.

This was a hair cut that shocked society when it was first created by Polish-born hairdresser Antoine de Paris in France in 1909, and it’s been in fashion ever since. Over a century later and it’s still one of the hottest hairstyles to have; whether you opt for a long bob aka the Lob, a shoulder-grazing choppy style or a blunt jaw-skimmer – the bob is the A-list hairstyle du jour.

A blunt cut is a super customizable and versatile cut that can fit any type and texture of hair. The bluntness of the ends gorgeously emphasizes the jaw area and brings a strong and flattering look to its wearer.

Classy yet simple and straightforward, this cut ensures comfort and easiness in styling. Pair it with a complimentary color, some gorgeous waves, or a stellar fringe, and you are ready to go! If you’re wanting to be crowned with a fresh chic ‘do then check out these popular blunt hairstyles in this video.


If you decided to cut your own hair you will need the following:
• Scissors – You don’t need proper hairdressing scissors, but something fairly small and sharp enough to cut hair is good. Find some here
• Comb – With fairly fine teeth. A tail comb can be handy for sectioning but it’s not a big deal if you don’t have one
• Water Spray – It’s easier to cut hair wet. To keep it that way you need water. Try a spray bottle
• Hairdryer & Round brush – for drying and styling your hair afterwards &


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  2. None of the BACK VIEWS are even! All of them Dip because the center back is LONGER.

  3. Looks so easy! I tried this and I'm still wearing extensions….

  4. The second girl is beautiful

  5. The second girl is beautiful

  6. U need to do your hair wet first before u cut it 👍🤷

  7. I like how her hair is always going to be uneven if she brings it around to the front do u boo

  8. Please think before you go in and do this bc depending on if you want an even length all through, longer in back, or front. …then your ponytails would need to be placed differently! If you want longer in front, pull hair to the back and place your hair tie. Longer in back…opposite….pull hair forward and place hair tie! If you want it all the same length, make 4 sections….two in back sectioning from behind ears back, then two in front from back of ears to front! Make sure hair ties are evenly placed. …use ruler to be certain!!! Of you pull hair in any direction other than parallel to floor, and straight down, you'll have angles!!

  9. Does anyone have a good stylist with decent prices in the Phoenix area? I moved to Arizona over three years ago and it hasn't mattered if I've paid for dollar cuts or a high priced stylist. I can't find someone with skills and morals. I've been screwed over several times with bad cuts, having my hair dyed and prices. I just want to be able to trust someone with my hair and have regular hair cuts but my ends are so split because I'm afraid of a bad haircut or over price. Help!!

  10. It would be great to see the back as well after the cut so we could be sure of the effect.

  11. Nice! Please see how i cut off my long hair!

  12. The blonde girl at the start needs a good deep hair conditioning treatment.

  13. What's the song you used as backgrounds

  14. I rather pay than mess my hair up😜😊

  15. First girl id phoebe buffay

  16. Your literally just stealing other people’s videos

  17. Wish they'd show the back for more than a second and stop swinging their hair for that second so I can actually see what it looks like. From my professional point of view…most look crooked.

  18. Don’t cut your own hair

  19. 9:05 I do this the same way …..always PERFECT.💖👍

  20. I love the cutting technique at the time 11:18

  21. Was that the first one a cut ??

  22. Один раз тоже пыталась сама себя подстричь, такой ужас был)))) всё криво и кусками, пришлось потом очень коротко всё это состригать уже в парикмахерской))

  23. what is this music.. that's what I wonder

  24. Don't get at home. Don't even think of it 😂those girls they are professional

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