How to Dye Men’s Hair at home | DIY | Men’s Hairstyle tutorial

How to Dye Men’s Hair at home | DIY | Men’s Hairstyle tutorial


Hey everyone! I wanted to show you guys some great tips and tricks that will benefit you when dying your hair at home. A lot of you have been asking me how I dye my hair by myself without causing a huge mess, so this is exactly how I do it! My natural hair color is brown which is shown in the beginning of this video, and I end up dying it Dark brown. This video is much different than my men’s highlights video, so be sure to watch, like and subscribe if you haven’t yet! Thanks, -Dre

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  1. gosh I like your tips they are so simple and nice

  2. Ik this video is veryyy old but is it all you have to do with short hair so you dont need any special things?

  3. 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  4. I have red hair. I'm gonna bleach it and then do a Medium Brown – thoughts?

  5. Congrats for 444 subscriptions

  6. What colour would you say that is at the beginning? I want it

  7. my hair is falling suggest me the hair oil you are using and any colour also

  8. Iam gonne dye it blond because my hair black nautral

  9. Use spray-on sunscreen to remove marks left by dye on skin, reduces risk of chemical burn and eye exposure to Windex, and it's good for your skin.

  10. honestly white bitchs, does blonde hair betta combine with tall white guys compared to shorty white guys?

  11. Did u straightened ur hair

  12. I want my hair like this so bad

  13. Whats the name of background music?

  14. Nice tutorial dude… Im from Malaysia

  15. Is the color like gonna go away after some time? Like return back to normal hair color?

  16. What was his hair color before he dyed his hair dark?

  17. mate what am i doing wrong? i have dry clean hair and i put the dye in all hair covers and stuff used full tube but when i rinse the hair the color is gone its same old brown. it says on package to wait 30 min i waited 30 min and 2h (i tried 2 times) help?

  18. His name sounds fake. I would put it on a fake ID "dre drexler"

  19. I used like a teal color and has it sit for 20 minutes ans when I wash it it completely came out

  20. “A new pet spotted lizard” lfmaooa

  21. Could i use vaseline as the guard thing on my hairline

  22. you have naturally black hair? your eyebrows look black. I am thinkin goin black or dark brown and I have naturally blonde hair and don't want to lose it. so I may not

  23. You got unlike cause,sadly you are trend video but I did not find what I need😞

  24. press 4 then 9 to see the contrast quick 😀

  25. I want this exact haircut, will 1 faded to a 3 the same in uk or are USA sizes different also do uk barbers use the term skin taper

  26. How long does it take to grow hair that long is 2 months enough someone let me know please

  27. what exactly do I ask the hairdresser for that cut–I know nothing about this stuff. Its like shorter midway down to the neck, longer at the top but seems especially long on the left side.

  28. What is your hairstyle name….I really want..plz reply

  29. That colour is black or blue dark?

  30. My hair is dark black, I tried to make it brown 2 times it doesn't work its stays black after I rinse it. I've even waited 1h the 2nd time before rinsing it but still dark black. What should I do ?

  31. Easiest way to remove dyed skin is to use the dye itself. Damp your head to create foam just before rinsing off and massage that foam along your hairline to remove any colour on your skin.

  32. Is this permanent or temporary

  33. for how long does your hair stay dyed?

  34. Can this ruin your hair???

  35. Hi what’s the name you hair cut.

  36. Lol are you playing sonic dash? Cause I recognize every sound in the game.

  37. The only person that looks good with black hair is Markiplier.

  38. subscribed because you look good.😅

  39. you a monster katheb bhim 3asba lik nick omk

  40. Whats the name of your hairstyle? looks cool wanna try it

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